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Twitter is devoid of space as the SpaceX launch brings in a massive wave of responses.

Excitement is one of the default emotions of Twitter town. Likewise, it never fails to find a reason to channel all its excitement and enthusiasm. Today what has brought on a massive wave of responses from Twitterati is the launch of the Dragon cargo capsule by SpaceX following a 24-hour delay due to unfavorable weather conditions. The moment SpaceX tweeted with the caption “Liftoff”, responses started flowing in. Here is the tweet. The perfect and majestic landing of the first stage in the Atlantic Ocean also painted a perfect picture, bringing in a fresh wave of responses from intrigued users.

Responses On Twitter

Twitter town never shies away from a good dose of excitement. Whether a rocket is launched or whether it is about to come down, responses always go up on Twitter with a good share of hilarious memes. After all, there is never a deal on Twitter that is free of some harmless sarcasm and humor. And today, it seems like SpaceX has taken up every bit of space on Twitter as people are marveling at the visual treat. The Dragon cargo capsule is the 21st rocket launched by SpaceX this year. And it is scheduled to arrive at the International Space Station on Monday at 11:00 am EDT. Now, let us take a look at the flurry of reactions and responses on Twitter that soon launched SpaceX to the trending list.

A visual treat indeed.

The only response I can muster at this point is “hmm.”

Some interesting ways in which the brain works.

Talk about interminable excitement. Or perhaps the quote “Every time feels like the first” fits.

People really have bizarre aspirations.

Here is some science to add solemnity to the discussion.

Now here is a human we can all relate to. He sure knows his priorities.

“Brief yet beautiful.” Sounds like the perfect romance.

That is how you subtly sum up a major event.

Rattling windows are good enough.

Burn! (At least they are successful at something. Just saying)




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