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Twitter spotlight falls on Matrix

Twitter trending list at times is a place where the bizarre meets the mundane. While it often gets confusing, it is no less entertaining. Because why not spend an hour or two scrolling through trying to make sense of some of the hashtags that often fry those last two brain cells left in your system. At the moment, Matrix is on Twitter’s trending list, and Twitterati is enthusiastically posting away till their brains glitch or should I say till they find the glitch in the Matrix. Let us take a look at the ceaseless tweets and responses that has been piling up on Twitter ever since Matrix occupied the trending list.


It’s All About The Matrix

Twitter never runs out of entertaining topics. And today we have yet another topic to engage our brain cells. Let us take a look.

Are you in the Matrix as well? It is basically a YKIYK situation you know.

I am not laughing. You are.

I haven’t read a more inspiring statement.

Time to channel that spiritual energy folks.


The matrix might or might not glitch. But my brain surely will.

Here is ‘The Question”

Am I the only one here who is wondering why people are talking about the matrix with such solemnity?

Well, whatever suits you, my friend.

We are still talking about the matrix, aren’t we?

Well, why not

So we are basically a bunch of hallucinating beings. (blame it on my last two exhausted brain cells)

The better caption would be “movies to watch if you want to drive yourself crazy.”





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