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A torrent of hilarious memes descend on Twitter as Instagram goes down

Once again it is the same down and up equation. Instagram is down and as usual memes are up on Twitter. After all, it has become an age-old tradition now to unleash all the meme-making prowess on Twitter as soon as Instagram starts acting up. Seems like Twitter is in for a downpour of memes and we are not complaining. Because as nobody probably said, you can never have too much of memes. Let us take a look at the chain reaction of memes on Twitter.

Instagram down



Memes All The Way

Well, Instagram does have a knack for pulling the users’ legs.

At this rate, the poor internet will go insane. The level of misunderstanding!

Existential crisis at its finest

Well, you can’t break the tradition now, can you?

And you repeat the same the next time

Instagram needs a break too after all.

The moment of terror I tell you!

Time for some scatter focus.

Or maybe you need it always? Well, just saying.

Every single time.

Twitter is like the Oogway of internet users.

It’s all about the reassurance buddy.

There is absolutely no question of who gets the last laugh.

Time for some self-exploration now.

Well well well…

Now that is what you call perfect timing

But you must give it to Instagram for its ability to take us by absolute surprise despite going down a million times already.

Instagram needs a vacation too.

I understand the frustration.



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