Crypto memes

Twitter spotlight is back on crypto yet again!

The symbiotic relationship shared by crypto and Twitter is indeed something to marvel at. It has come to a point where not a day goes by without the walls of Twitter echoing the beats of crypto. Whether the rollercoaster is up or down, high or low, Twitterati never fails to take notice, and inevitably crypto ends up on the trending list. It is a known fact that whenever the crypto graph goes down, increasing the heart rate of those who have invested in it, a plethora of memes come up on Twitter. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that memes have more or less become a defense mechanism for crypto traders to deal with the constantly fluctuating prices which are directly proportionate to the fluctuating heartbeats. Read along to know more about the crypto market today and the memes that have popped up in response on Twitter.

Crypto memes

Memes All The Way

Investing in crypto entails a large magnitude of risk given its high volatility and constant fluctuations and at times, the prices being arbitrated by certain tweets of certain individuals (I am not naming any individual here, the field is open for interpretations). That hasn’t hindered the large numbers who flock towards crypto investments in the hopes that when the payday comes all their woes will be duly answered (maybe that’s too dramatic an analogy but given the dramatic rise and fall of the graphs, it is tolerable.)

Today the crypto market is following a rather mixed pattern with some going for the high ride and others touching the ground. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are in comparatively safer zones, the same cannot be said for DOGE and SHIB. Bitcoin investors can heave a light sigh of relief given the fact that Bitcoin has been going through a rather tough phase ever since its spike in Novemeber. Who would have thought that it was a mere calm before the storm.

Storms might be raging on the crypto market, but on Twitter it is the memes that are all the rage. Let us flip through a few memes and reactions on Twitter that rocketed “cryptotrading” to the trending list.

Probably everybody who is acquainted with crypto

Truth is stranger than fiction, is it not?

The typical holding on or letting go dilemma. (Even Rose might not have been this conflicted about letting go of Jack’s hand. Just saying.)

Somebody explain this to me.

Existential crisis?

As I mentioned above, truth is always stranger than fiction.

It is all about perspective I suppose

I like money or some might say “I like losing money”

Such unsolved mysteries!