Twitter Town hit with ‘Venmo Me’ requests

Twitter is no stranger to bizarre trends and even more bizarre news. Given the fact that every quirk takes the form of a trend on Twitter, this is only natural. The latest trend on Twitter that has got us wondering about the unique wiring of human brains is the ‘Venmo Me’ requests. Well, people are totally unabashed as they seek some dollars from fellow Twitter users for the oddest of reasons. And conveniently, Venmo Me has become the euphemism for asking for money. Well, Venmo offers you an option, why refuse it. As appalling as it might sound, the fact remains that Twitter trends never fail to surprise us. Hence, all we can do is go with the flow. Who knows, perhaps the Venmo Me trend would even be a measure of Twitter Town’s magnanimity.


Venmo Me?

There was a time in the past when humans practiced the barter system. And now we have humans unabashedly asking for money. We are yet to decide whether this is a good sign or bad because this simultaneously seems like putting unwavering faith in the generosity of the human mind, and a work of overactive brain cells. The former or latter, we already have Venmo Me trending on Twitter. Let us take a look at the wonderfully bizarre requests.

Desperation at its finest or boldness at its finest. You choose.

Perhaps it is time for us to join the trend as well

Staying single is not a bad idea after all. Perhaps this is the universe telling you.

Well, a little bit of disappointment every now and then is healthy

‘Pretty Please’ is a good enough reason

Some might counter that with the question, “Why should we” LOL

Appreciation is a good virtue.

Here is a viable solution from a fellow user who clearly seems exasperated

Must have been really hard finding that touching caption.

Maybe we should stop attending weddings

Well. The frustration is understandable.

Blessing, yes, you might have a chance at that. But the money, that is doubtful.

We never run out of choices. How comforting

Now that’s just sad

If only making money was that easy