Twitter Town is excited as Tubbo reveals the trailer and release date for TubNet


Twitter is chanting ‘TubNet’ as the popular content creator Toby ‘Tubbo’ smith finally reveals the trailer and release date for TubNet, his Minecraft server. After a long wait of four years, we finally have a date and this has got Twitter town quite excited. Tubbo’s popularity doesn’t need special mention and the clamor on Twitter following the trailer is proof enough for the excited anticipation and hopes pegged on to the new venture. Read along to know more.

The What and Why

Tubbo started his streaming journey back in 2018, and within a short span of time, he has already established himself as a popular content creator. The huge following and the commendable platform he has built just at the age of 18 are proof enough of his immense potential. In addition to this, he has over five million followers on Twitch and over three million subscribers on YouTube.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Tubbo is an all-rounder. Although he focuses primarily on the creation of Minecraft content, he is also a frequent presence on the Dream SMP Minecraft server. Tubbo doesn’t shy away from testing new waters either. Apart from streaming and YouTube, he has also tried out his luck at Music, and it seems like his debut single, “Life By The Sea” hit the right chords with listeners. Because 39,000,000 listens on Spotify does mean something.

Tubbo’s upcoming project has been the source of anticipation for his league of followers and it has been in the works for about four years. Over the years, Tubbo did give out hints and snippets about the project here and there, and now finally the hour of revelation has come. Followers finally got a proper view of TubNet during TwitchCon where it was officially unveiled. TubNet will let players experience and take part in various activities on the server like competition minigames, or cosmetics change.

Reactions And Responses On Twitter

The unveiling of the trailer and release date of TubNet have got Twitter town excited, and we have a rather long line of reactions and responses lined up. Looks like Tubbo has hit the right chords yet again. Because Twitter town’s excitement is palpable.

The caps say it all

Twitter Town is no stranger to excitement. But so much optimistic excitement is rare.

Looks like people can’t wait for it to be August.

Talk about relentless support

Perhaps ‘hard work is the key to success is not outdated after all.