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Twitterati engages in a brainstorming session as a fellow user’s “master plan” takes the spotlight.

Twitter has yet another interesting topic to spend the brain cells on. And this time it comes with a “master plan.” And it is called a master plan for a reason. Because his plan entails major goals like getting hired at Apple and then making some very crucial changes that will be appreciated by a good majority of humanity. Or let’s say that part of humanity who uses Apple. And the man is not here to stay. Once he is done with his goal, he intends to quit at the earliest. Talk about goal-oriented behavior. As the master plan made its presence known at the Twitter town, soon the other users joined in with some equally wonderful ideas. Here is a look into the master plan that grabbed the spotlight in no time.

As it is evident, the tenure is short. However, that did not stop a long line of tweets from assembling in response to the same. And from what has unfolded, it is evident that a good majority of the Twitter users had some brilliant plans that were latent till now. Because soon enough the master plan took interesting diversions to include plans of such vivid details that cover an entire spectrum. Apparently, people are planning not just to be hired at Apple, Twitter and Instagram are on the list too.

What is your master plan?

In response to the tweet, a lot of users responded with enthusiasm. Seems like a lot of users have certain issues to be addressed. Perhaps it is time for Apple to take some notes. And these notes might actually prove useful in passing the test of customer satisfaction. Because there is already a vaguely unpopular opinion that Apple is not exactly what you call user-friendly in comparison to android. Then again, it is a topic open for debate. Since we have a couple of master plans to focus on, let us get ahead with that. Here is a peep into some brilliantly thought-out plans that might come really handy in the future. (For the time being, let’s skip the question, “who exactly will find it handy?”). And if inspiration strikes, perhaps you can jot down your master plan as well. Because as somebody, somewhere said, “Well begun is half done.”

Not everybody approves of Austen’s plan though. Then again, my sarcasm-detection glasses aren’t working very well either.

While some have extra details to add. Perhaps Apple can actually give this one a thought.

Yes, please!

Please tell me that somebody from Apple is actually taking down these points. You are getting these free of cost without any surveys.

Somebody really must fix that. Perhaps the master plan isn’t that bad after all.

Sometimes it is such a hard decision whether to laugh or cry at certain things.

There is a certain amount of mirth hidden in straight-forward answers that scream “SARCASM.”

And now folks, let’s take a look at the whole spectrum of plans that have been doing their rounds on Twitter.

(A small observation: Apparently, nobody wants to stay once the issue is solved.)

Somebody wants to stay after all. I would have called you clever but my diplomatic voice stops me from doing so.

Let us wrap this up with a fellow user echoing the thoughts of a basic human mind scrolling through the plans signing over these highly ambitious words. It cannot get any more real than what you can see below. The struggle is real. No sarcasm intended.






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