Ubisoft Blade Game
Credit @ Marvel

Ubisoft Developing Blade Game For Marvel

New evidence suggests Ubisoft may be working on a new premium triple-A Blade game for Marvel. If Ubisoft is working on a Blade game based on the upcoming Marvel films, the official announcement will probably be coming sometime in the coming year. Blade the game is based on the upcoming Marvel movie, an official announcement is expected next year. It seems like there may be a Blade-based video game in development, and Ubisoft is taking the wheel this time.

Ubisoft Blade Game
Credit @ 20th Century Studios

It appears that a video game featuring the Marvel character Blade could be in the works at video game publisher Ubisoft. It is been reported that Assassins Creed developer Ubisoft is working with Marvel on Blade games, in anticipation of Blades MCU’s debut.

It is not clear whether a Blade game would be tied to Mahershala Alis Blade’s appearance, but considering Ubisoft is developing it they can even go for a more original concept and the all-new Blade game. While Blade is coming in one of the more recently announced Marvel titles, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it seems that Blade may get a standalone title.

B. Tariq is the director for Marvel’s next Blade movie, but he is highly unlikely to be the director for the Ubisoft title. For those who are not aware, B. Tariq is going to direct the upcoming Blade film, which is being made by Marvel Studios. The new Blade movie is about to be part of Marvel’s future slate of Phase 5&6.


The implications from Martin & Gaffney’s publications are that Ubisoft is working on a licensed project that is directly tied to Marvel’s imminent Blade film scheduled to release within a couple of years. This may suggest that Marvel’s upcoming Blade film is using the motion capture facility Ubisoft has available to it for filming, however, both the Instagram posts by Alex Martin and E. Gaffney mentioned video games. E. Gaffney’s first post mentioned Ubisoft, along with the hashtag #ubisoftgame, only to reiterate that Marvel’s next project is a game project.

While actor Edwin Gaffney did not specifically mention the video game related to Marvel’s Blade, which is being developed by video game publisher Ubisoft, he shared an image of the label that included Marvel as its production title. Although the actor did not specifically express his interest in the way games are made at video game publisher Ubisoft, he shared a picture of a label with the word Marvel ? as the company’s title.