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United Airlines might end it’s services in JFK if US does not permits more flights

United Airlines is one of the most famous and talked about air carriers in the world. The airline has lately made it clear that it would have to drop or end its services at the  John F Kennedy airport if the United States of America does not permit them to increase their capacity at the JFK airport. The airline needs to have additional allocations for the coming period and upcoming days and if the FAA, Federal Aviation Administration does not permit it to do so then it might have to stop their services at one of the busiest airports by the end of October. The airlines have been facing these problems with the John F Kennedy airport since its beginning in 2021 , they are working to get some additional slots but are unable to do so. 


United Airlines and the John F Kennedy Airport


John F kennedy airport in a file photo

Credits: Business Insider

The air carrier said that they will be needing the land authorization and permanent slots for their competition with the fellow airlines and also for their growth purposes as they need to compete with other airlines. The people at the airline have also argued several times that the JFK airport is one of busiest airports and there is enough room for the airline to grow there as the FAA has made significant infrastructural changes at the airport. There are also high speed taxi gateways and multi purpose entrances.  


The Federal Aviation Administration and the United Airlines


The FAA has also provided United Airlines with some extra congestion at the Newark airport. United has also become the largest carrier at the Newark airport with  69% of the flights there. For now, the United Airlines has created an email that has been sent to the FAA. The Email has urged the FAA to increase little capacity at the John F Kennedy airport. The Email was sent on Tuesday that clearly said that if the airline does not get extra allocations for multiple seasons then they would have to withdraw their services by the end of the month of october. The FAA has said that they will be considering some more air space at the airport and any additional slots can affect the FAA’s established process of fair awards and this would eventually increase competition.



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