University of Tokyo to present courses in metaverse
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University of Tokyo introduces special courses to be presented in metaverse!

Lack of technological knowledge and digital transformation among today’s generation.

As we have completed two decades in the 21st century we have gained a lot of knowledge and technological advancements in the medical industry, in regard to nuclear programs and in regard to agricultural sector. But one industry that recently came into the existence and has been the constant focal point for everyone is Metaverse.

It is safe to say that there is no much technological information among the netizens in regard to metaverse. The basic knowledge that everyone has is that its non-tangible universe which consists of multiple virtual spaces. The metaverse is a 3d universe which will allow people to work, meet, game and socialize together.

As there is not much information about the metaverse in the people around the world, Japan has come up with a program, which will be talking about metaverse. In fact, the University of Tokyo, also known as Todai will be offering a range of study programs later this year that is tipped to take place in the metaverse.

Todai’s Metaverse Project!

Todai's metaverse project
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Todai’s project aims to address the lack of skilled personnel in the “digital transformation” and “advanced technologies” domains. Representatives from the universities emphasized that everyone could learn information science and engineering in the Metaverse, “independent of age, gender, socioeconomic situation, and place of residence.”

Though, cryptocurrencies and NFTs were not mentioned specifically by the university when they were referring to metaverse, it seems that the crypto and NFT market sector which constitute the blockchain technology will be taught. The reason is that, both cryptocurrencies and NFTS are always considered to be a part of metaverse.

Metaverse soon to conquer the world.

As pandemic hit the world, all the industries came to a halt and suffered a massive loss, to say the least. People started working from home, doing more zoom calls and celebrated their achievements via zoom. But the introduction of metaverse will give them an opportunity to celebrate with their peers without needing to physically meet them. That’s the 3d experience that Metaverse promises to bring. Some of the major events in Japan were conducted in metaverse, recently.

Writer’s Analysis:

The education provided by the University of Tokyo, in my opinion, is essential at this time because digital assets are beginning to rule the financial industry and because more and more individuals are becoming envious of and interested in learning about metaverse.


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