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The Hyderabad based company Intelli Bot is ready to be acquired by US based company Service Now. Both are the players of the segment but this move definitely has some strategic motive attached to it. To understand that ; a quick look at the details is important.



Intellibot was founded in 2015 and is a major player in the market of automation. It was founded by Raghu Alekh Barli, Srikanth Vemulapalli and Kushang Moorthy.  It is headquartered in Hyderabad.

It basically works on making the world go fast in the area of human work automation. It makes it very for companies to get & adjust with next generation technologies like ML modelling, Data extractors, Bot Engine, Data Modelling, Workflow Modelling and Digital Assistant.

It is made to understand the risk profile of different enterprises through their well established standards like security, reliability, scalability, cloud ready assistance and many more.

Intellibot Robotic process automation (RPA) profession service is also an innovative methodology that has been able to render its service irrespective of the sector or industry. They provide services like:

  • Automation Consulting
  • Automation Lifecycle Management
  • Hosted Automation
  • Access & role-based control mechanisms
  • Business Reports
  • Seamless & Efficient Integration
  • Audit Logging & Cloud Friendly systems



The company provides a smarter workflow mechanism.

It was started in 2004 in United States.

They basically offer smarter workflows across industries. These can IT workflows, Employee Workflows, Customer Workflows and Creator Workflows.  The major range of solutions offered are:

  • IT Workflows: IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, IT Business Management and IT Asset Management
  • Employee Workflows: HR Service Delivery, Legal Service Delivery, Workplace Service Delivery.
  • Customer Service Management: Customer Service Management, Field Service Management, Financial Service Operations and Telecommunications Service Management.


The facts hereby underline the company’s performance in the year 2020:

32% year on year growth with more than 13000 employees

$1.184 billion subscription revenues.

It has been ranked as number 1 in the fortune future 50 companies.

It has also gained the status of world’s most admired companies

They generally believe that the world of work; work better for people.




The acquisition made a clear cut integration between digital workflow and robotic process automation. The main aim is to help the customers improve automation. The creator of products at Service Now has made its stand clear by stating that this step will help to make automations achieve more productivity. The financial details are not disclosed.


This acquisition has made the road to future quite clear; the company now wants to enter Indian market by 2022 through the help of data centers which will cater to the local requirements.

The founder of Intellibot said that “We are proud to join forces with ServiceNow as it continues to invest in powerful end-to-end automation capabilities to make the world of work, work better for people.”


Service Now has clearly stated in its press release that it has major customers from the 80 percent of Fortune 500 list which now demand robotics in sync with workflow. Therefore; the set up of acquisition with Intellibot is to make customers understand that the entire productive mechanism can be offered in one package. This will definitely add on a lot to the productivity.






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