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Milestones are a crucial part in business.

They help us to understand that what have we achieved and what is our next target?

They signify that a great amount of hard work has been undertaken to reach that position but a lot more will be required in the later phases.

 The same is the case with the prominent investment platform Smallcase that has recently announced it has crossed 25 lakh investors. This is a massive addition to the list of accreditations. To understand a little more ; let’s get into the details.



The company was founded in the year 2015 by three IIT Kharagpur alumni. They are headquartered in Bangalore. It is primarily a fintech company that enables to create an ecosystem having prominent players like investors, advisors, brokers and other participants. They have a portfolio of individual investors to asset management companies and have a strong hold in the India’s capital markets.

The company are backed up with investors like Sequoia, Blume, Straddle Capital, Bee Next and WEH Ventures. The major brokers are IIFL securities, Kotak Securities and many more. The collection range that is offered to individuals with respect to the company is as follows:


  • Ideal for New Investment
  • Long term
  • Smart Beta
  • Dividend & Income
  • ETF Small cases
  • Sector Trackers
  • ICICI Prudential ETF
  • Growth Investing

The small case is also used by businesses like for brokers, investment planners, SEBI registered entities and financial planners.


More than 25 Lakh investors supported

11 broker partners

More than 100 businesses supported

More than Rs. 7500crore transferred


It is basically handling a seamless modern investing, experience and research distribution across the various capital markets. The company has completely transformed the financial planning by offering benefits like:


  • Dynamic portfolios to clients
  • Perfectly tracking the progress through intelligent dashboards
  • Paperless & optimized mechanism
  • Seamless open accounts
  • No infrastructure is needed
  • A complete product offering
  • Diversified Investment
  • Revenue generation


Finance is not only the blood of business; but the entire essence of the markets that are trading from day to night. In order to be more efficient we have clearly transitioned from traditional to electronic formats of operation.The focus now is on the way in which the country tries to invest; the way it looks to use its resources efficiently.

The companies like Small case have definitely bagged up a strong share in the market as they reach a very important nerve of the individuals and their investing portfolios. A range of collections is being offered and that is only because you cannot afford to reach your goal without an integration mechanism.


More than 25 lakh investors be it businesses & individuals have trusted the company and the company has made its value & ethics quite clear by bringing a dynamic team to the ground that understands the essence of every bit of financial resource. The diversification offered by company in terms of collections is commendable because they start from beginners to veterans, long term to short term and sector oriented to market oriented. Therefore the responsibility now gets even more tougher as they need to be consistent.



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