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US plans to boost its domestic production of semiconductors

The United States of America has planned to boost the production of semiconductors in their country. Generally semiconductors are manufactured in Asia but now, the Biden government has kept that in mind and has banned the advanced tech to build their products in China for a decade.

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The USA will also provide incentives to the manufacturers like 25% investment tax credit for the planters. All the requirements will come under the US government  under a total of $53 billion.


USA and its reliance on semiconductors


In reality the semiconductor is basically the brain to every electronic device. The electronic device could be as big as a car or as small as a home electronic device, a semiconductor is being put in all the electronic devices. The production of such conductors is fairly less in the USA. It is only 10% all over the country and this is the reason that the USA generally gets it from Taiwan and other countries like North Korea. The funds that would be given to the manufacturers cannot be invested in China. They cannot invest this money in China and cannot build any technology in China. The technology will not be sent overseas. 


Investments made by USA in promoting manufacturing of semiconductors


Not only countries but also big car giants are facing acute shortages of semiconductors as the production was very low and close to nil in the times of pandemic and this is the reason why many car manufacturers are having delays in manufacturing. The investments have slowly increased in the USA as well as in Japan. The US said that the investments are being provided so that the companies can become bigger and bigger. They can set up their business in the United States and can become bolder. They also said that the companies that will be receiving the government funds will have to prove whether they really need the investments or not and according to that the funds would be provided. The construction of these plants will begin from the year 2023. This is a big step taken by the US government to lower down its reliance on Chinese manufacturers for Semiconductors.



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