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Utter Pradesh government to operate 700 e-buses
It is expected that these people can travel in these buses from November.

Under Yogi Adityanath’s government, Utter Pradesh is set to operate e-buses. By the year-end, they plan to launch 700 electric buses in 14 cities of the state.

GreenCell to deploy e-buses in Uttar Pradesh: All details - The Financial  Express..

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In February Greenwell Mobility private limited backed the chance to deploy 350 e-buses in UP. However, now the government finally announced that 700 buses across 14 states will be operated.

Greenwell Mobility won the bid to provide not only buses but also infrastructure. For the buses to run without any hurdles,  it is expected that bus stations have charging options.

Furthermore, it is expected that 1,000 direct jobs are made open with this initiation.

The government is yet to release the proper details of how many busses each city will receive.

E- Bus potential

As speculated, the minimum traveling distance is 63,000 km per annum. This project is expected to reduce carbon emissions up to large extent.

The spokesperson said to Economic Times, more buses are expected to come after this launch. Also, using e-buses the traffic can be reduced as a tracking system is made available.

The Urban Transport Directorate already initiated work on the project as soon as they received the approval.
As said by the Urban Transport Directorate, Ajit Singh,
“The work of providing 700 electric buses in 14 cities of UP will be completed by the end of October and passengers will get the facility of electric buses from the month of November.”
As per the details released, the selected cities are Luck now,  Varanasi, Meerut, Kanpur, Agrarian, Ghaziabad, and Mathura.

GreenCell Mobility

GreenCell Mobility is a Mumbai-based e-bus provider. Last year, the company bagged an order for 48 e-buses in Rajasthan. It is a platform promoted by Eversource Capital.
On the occasion last year, the CEO of GreenCell Mobility said, “We are delighted to partner with RSRTC as their first electric bus service provider. This is a significant milestone towards sustainable development and zero tailpipe emissions. This contract also marks the first stepping stone as we begin our journey of becoming India’s leading eMaaS platform.”
Additionally, the company bagged a deal in Assam too. It is expected that they are going to supply e-buses to other states soon. As the country already is making progress in terms of the government’s push. Also, recently Ola Electric released its plan to launch electric bikes in India.
More or less, the country is trying to rely on locally made products of good quality. We are yet to experience electric India.



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