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Vehicle Tracking Goes a Step Ahead with Dash Cam. Know How

In today’s age, with the increase in vehicles everywhere, the probability of an incident is higher than ever. One can never be too precautious when out on public roads. But several ways can help you stay better prepared for unwanted scenarios. So, it becomes essential to prioritize safety. 

What can you do to stay safer and better prepared if you own a vehicle? Well, there are several methods, like installing car alarm systems, GPS trackers and dash cams for security.


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While the other techniques can help you stay protected, they miss out on comprehensive security. It is where a dash cam with vehicle tracker has changed the game since it offers next-level security and protection to your vehicle. Getting a dash cam with vehicle tracker has become more of a necessity than it is luxury. Many come with an in-built camera that promotes driver safety to the next level. 

Also, dashcams with vehicle trackers enable location tracking and efficient route planning. So, if you worry about the safety of a loved one or yourself, getting a vehicle tracker with a dashcam is a great idea. Let us now talk about how a dash cam with a vehicle tracker goes one step ahead in protecting you and your vehicle.

Features of Dash Cams With Vehicle Tracker 

  • Records time-lapse video and audio inside and outside the car
  • The GPS tracking and route playback
  • AI-based smart alerts, for example- unknown driver detection & over speeding
  • 4G enabled data transfer to secure cloud storage (up to 90 days)
  • 2-way calling with car occupants
  • Non-OBD based plug & play installation
  • Records with no connectivity and battery backup of up to 24 hours
  • Automatic stealth mode based on facial recognition

Benefits of Installing A Dash Cam With Vehicle Tracker:


  • Provides Emergency Support


There are many situations when you may need emergency support while travelling. It includes cases of car failure or harassment on deserted roads. When you combine the features of a dash cam with vehicle tracker, it safeguards you from any such incident through its dual camera and two-way calling feature. While the dual-camera gives you a picture of what is happening inside and outside the vehicle, the inbuilt speaker helps you intervene if someone misbehaves.


  • Acts As A Proof for Accident Claims


If your vehicle is in a parking lot or meets with a road accident, you can expect an insurance claim to follow. When you use a dash cam with vehicle tracker, you can easily prove whether it was your fault or not. You can use the recording to see what exactly had happened. 


  • Identify and Improve Driving Behaviours


Using dashcams with vehicle tracker not only helps with protection but also enables you to improve your driving pattern. It helps identify and rectify unnecessary stops or route changes. This behaviour helps reduce fuel and maintenance costs. When you install a dashcam, it allows you to record the inside of your vehicle as well. It is especially beneficial for the chauffeur-driven car since knowing that they are always under speculation prevents rash driving behaviours.

Dash Cam Implies Comprehensive Security

Peace of mind assures peace in life. A dashcam is for those vehicle owners who like to stay prepared for anything that life throws towards them.  If you believe safety comes first, you will be happy having a dashcam with vehicle tracker like KENT CamEye installed in your car. It provides reliable and comprehensive security solutions. You can also avail a free demo trial and easily buy it from Amazon India. Purchase a dashcam to stay one step ahead for vehicle protection.

Also, there are so many types of car security cameras, and among them, is the Cad dash camera.

These car security cameras are worth to buy but one needs to be very cautious when buying a car security camera. Just because, there are so many companies and types of car security cameras that are available in the market today.

And it becomes very tough to decide about which one is a better choice. So, in order to make this step easy, there are so many security experts that are helping the people around, like for car security cameras, on can check the guide on Dk Security, who have made this very easy for people to get a good car security camera.

So, always make sure that for the thing you are going for, is the best of what is available.

And yeah, don’t forget, the car security cameras are not everything that can save your life in a car, so, always drive safely and by following proper rules.



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