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Know How MyClassCampus Is Amazingly Increasing The Productivity Of Institutions

Schools need to develop with fast-changing technology to stay ahead of others. We see classrooms getting trendy with smart classroom learning technologies. This increases the productivity of institutions with a higher number of students wanting to enrol in schools that are modern and offer smart teaching. School management is not only about the classroom but also about the teachers and non-teaching staff. Moreover, with the introduction of intelligent classroom settings, it has been recorded that the students have had a better understanding of the topic, leading to better results.

MyClassCampus school management software helps in improving the overall quality of staff and an efficient handling of day-to-day school operations. It ensures a line of command when it comes to executing the daily functioning of a given school. The software ensures to cover every aspect of running a successful school management system.

Ways on How MyClassCampus is increasing the Productivity of Institutions

MyClassCampus provides an all-round school management ERP to meet the needs of students, teachers, non-teaching staff as well as parents to let them stay updated on the move. The software provides hardware integrations with wireless biometric, GPS tracking and Smart Card for better and smoother school management. MyClassCampus comes with 40 modules that help in an effective production increment of institutions. Some of them are:

Finance Management

The finance management aspect of the software helps in managing the short and long term institution performance by channelizing the payment process. This helps to reduce the redundancy in maintaining accounts and enables an institute to quantify budget planning. Admin can manage multiple trusts and their bank accounts from one place. Parents can see and manage passbook and cheque history to keep a tab on the transactions made, such as the payment of fees, etc., and also generate a report.

Result Generation

MyClassCampus helps in conducting online examinations and publish results from a single platform. You can notify the students regarding the date of publishing of results through SMS or in-app notification(s). An exam administrator can manage the interval between exams like quarterly, mid-yearly or annually, and convey the dates of the online exam and subsequent result declaration accordingly. The UI of the app is quite attractive and it allows healthy competition between students. Users can add titles and grade system templates to enhance outreach. School managers can convey student reports online through the app to let parents know about the performance of their children.

Time Table Management

Managing time tables is probably the most difficult part as allotting teachers for respective classes requires carefulness and effective planning. This is primarily because it involves managing a large database and overlapping of classes might be a risk factor. MyClassCampus is designed to do away with such issues as it provides online timetable management that lets the teachers get a comprehensive, error-free class schedule. Students and parents can also see which teacher is allocated for which subject. The software also helps the superintendent teacher to know whether any lecturer is absent and who can be accommodated in that place.

Library Management

This feature helps in effective management of a student’s library skills by increasing the creativity of students and enhancing their reading habits. Users can manage racks, books and sections through this software. It helps in searching by keywords or by author name or genre. The software provides barcode scanner integration, which lets a librarian manage books without any confusion, and thereby eliminating long queues. You can also get to know whether your favourite book is currently available and get to know about the exact issue. You can also track return dates so that you don’t miss out the deadline and end up paying a fine.

School Bus Management

Tracking of a school bus is important for both the schools as well as the parents as it helps them to know the exact location and the estimated time of arrival of the bus. The software comes with a GPS enabled location tracker on the schoolbuses for accurate results. You can generate the report of the trip, get-up and drop time of students, driver’s efficiency and also whether the driver has oversped during the entire journey.

Biometric Attendance Management

Fingerprint attendance management has become a must these days as it helps in recording real-time in-and-out time data of students and teachers. It also helps in the effective management of the payroll process without any hassles as it is directly linked to the HR Module. This further helps in attendance tracking and leave management. Among the many benefits of this biometric attendance management system, some of them include an easy allocation of shifts and timings of teachers, RFID Card reading and Face Recognition.

Visitor Management

For one to enter an institution, a gate pass is absolutely essential. Using MyClassCampus software, you can generate a gate pass that enables an institution to set up and secure gates. You can bifurcate visitor types as VIP or normal guests, thereby leading to effective guest management.

Hostel Management

It is imperative for a college to see what is unfolding inside the mess or hostel. For that, colleges must be equipped with a comprehensive hostel management system. MyClassCampus comes with a user-friendly dashboard that helps in monitoring data related to every student residing in a hostel. Parents can see which module or room number his ward has been put up to, along with the number of wings in a hostel. With this software, users can analyze reports for a specific wing or room.

Grievance Management

This module helps in effective addressing of the grievances as per AICTE standards. A complete complaint management dashboard helps in receiving complaints, maintaining them by sorting issues under different tabs and solving them by assigning them to specific persons. After the issue is redressed, you can mark the problem as solved. This helps in effective grievance management in the software.

Final Words

Apart from the above-mentioned modules, the software also helps in HR management wherein users are able to manage the calculation of leaves and payroll of the employees. Using MyClassCampus, you can also see the areas of strength and weakness and accordingly sort out the problematic areas. Parents can inquire about the progress of their children and track it through the app. Inventory management module of MyClassCampus helps in keeping a tab on the items such as books, uniforms, etc. One can even manage online admissions through the software, which helps in arriving at the exact number of students who have taken admission in a particular academic year.



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