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Venture Catalysts invests in EasyFi’s Angel Funding Round

Venture Catalysts

12 March 2019, India:

Venture Catalysts has invested in virtual Wi-Fi infrastructure firm EasyFi. The financial details have not been disclosed yet.

EasyFi has raised the capital as part of its Angel Funding Round to expand and accomplish a wider network connectivity along with establishing its virtual infrastructure across new locations.

Dr. Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, Co-founder and President, Venture Catalysts, said, “At Venture Catalysts, we are on a mission to identify and support promising ventures that provide solutions to plug the need-gap in their respective domains. Network connectivity is an issue that the entire country has long been struggling with, especially among remote corporates, communities, villages and townships.”

Dr. Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, added, “EasyFi has the potential to eliminate all the issues pertaining to accessibility with its virtualized wireless infrastructure. With this investment, we are looking forward to witnessing major developments in this domain with the unique and promising solution this venture entails.”

Bhushan C Thakkar, Founder, WI Digital Services, elaborated, “Our company was established with an aim to facilitate providers across remote locations of the country in delivering the fastest internet connectivity for users at the last-mile. With the funds raised in this Angel Funding Round, we strive to accomplish network partnerships across 25 new locations, scaling up to approximately 2 lakh daily users.”

Bhushan C Thakkar, added, “Furthermore, we are looking forward to subsequent rounds of funding to further our vision and tread ahead on our path towards establishing EasyFi as the most optimal network solution across India.”


EasyFi is a WiFi and Data Network aggregator that aims at reducing infrastructure clutter and enhancing network coverage for service providers by deploying a virtualized wireless infrastructure and network resources for end-consumers.

It provides a centralized Wi-Fi service to end consumers, thereby helping telecom and internet service providers to get rid of delivering devices and last-mile operational costs to end-users.

EasyFi builds an infrastructure close to the customers at the last-mile, allowing service providers to book capacity on the fly to deliver data network services.

The company claims to offer a speedy, hassle-free and uninterrupted virtualized WiFi service, allowing the guests to access an independent infrastructure.

At present, EasyFi is in its beta rollout phase across sectors in villages, market roads, housing societies, townships, hotels, cafes, malls, and bus stands, etc.

(Image – Venture Catalysts, EasyFi)



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