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Vicara secured seed round backed by ITI Growth Opportunities Fund

Vicara, a Bangalore based motion gesture, and analytics recognition startup, has now secured an undisclosed seed funding backed by the ITI Growth Opportunities Fund.

Mohit Gulati, Managing partner of ITI Growth Fund, said,

“At ITI GO we have always aimed at being invested in the next leg of technology. Vicara is a leap into the future of seamless human-machine interaction. Motion tracking until now was primarily used in AR/VR applications. However, now we see many more use cases for the proprietary motion engine that has been built by the Vicara team. Club this with 5G and the world would literally be at your fingertips. We are super excited in partnering with this young and dynamic team in shaping more use cases for this technology.”

Adarsh Warrier, the Co-Founder of Vicara, said, ”If you were to take a look around you – from gesture recognition on your phones to fall detection on your smart helmet; from motion analytics on health wearables to productivity tracking at the factory floor – the significance of smart motion based technologies are more today than ever before. The Vicara Motion Engine is our incredibly efficient in-house plug and play motion stack which makes this possible. We aspire to be the driving force of the smart devices around us.”



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