Russian missile almost hitting coffee shop in Ukraine

Video shows Russian missile almost hitting coffee shop in Ukraine

Till now, we all must be aware of the Russia-Ukraine war. But our knowledge is limited to economic sanctions, power shortages, supply chain disruption and other first-world problems. The ground reality is much different, as we can see from this video shared on Tiktok recently. It shows a Russian missile almost hitting a coffee shop in Ukraine. It shows how bad the situation has gotten, and even the normal citizens of the country aren’t safe.

In the video, we can see the owner/staff of the coffee shop on her phone when a customer comes to the door and places an order.

She puts back her phone and starts preparing an expresso when both of them can hear a loud jet sound, followed by an explosion.

The coffee shop also felt tremors as cups fell and doors shut close. The customer also runs away and takes hiding.

The owner runs outside to see what happened, and soon after, another missile hits nearby.

Now, it is quite obvious that the missiles would have hit buildings, parks or areas with people, which means Russian missiles have again taken the lives of Ukrainian people.

Watch the video here:


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This is not the first time this is happening in Ukraine, and not the last. Russia will continue to keep attacking till the west backs down, which doesn’t look like they will. They just sit in their comfy chairs and rooms and play sanctions which people in Ukraine are suffering.

But it’s still no excuse for Russia to keep bombing Ukraine like this. In the above clip, we were unable to see the impact of the bomb. But in the past, there was been explosions which killed pregnant women, kids and men as well. One such incident happened after Russia bombed Mariupol.

People have been going through hell every day, and this needs to stop.

Even in the comments, the viewers sympathize with the current situation there. One of them wrote, “It is been in syria since 2012 like this each day , may god be with all of our families in Syria and Ukraine.”

While another commented, “Hard to believe this is happening, so frightening.”

How do you feel about the Russian missile almost hitting a coffee shop in Ukraine? And do you think these countries should come to an agreement and stop this bombing? Let us know in the comment below. And, if you found our content informative, share it with your family and friends.