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Vitalik Butterin’s tweet saying “I am not billionaire any more” is the last thing you want to hear, if you are a crypto enthusiast

Crypto market’s crash and its hazardous affects on Ether.

Supposedly, Ethereum was recognized as the second largest cryptocurrency across the globe in terms of market cap, second to bitcoin. After the market crashed on May 12, 2022 the cryptocurrency saw a downward trend its value. Ethereum lost its value tremendously. The price token of Ethers has supposedly fallen by at least 55% amidst the market crash wiping out the valuation of $1.6 billion since it’s presale in 2014.


Pre-Sale of Ethereum in 2014

When Ethereum was introduced in the crypto world, it costed around 30 cents. According to some of the investors, The Ethereum presale was a phenomenon, where ether was being sold to investors even before its existence. Investors used to buy bitcoins and ether used to be attached to such purchases, even though the Ethereum blockchain did not yet exits and the genesis block had not yet been mined. The presale started to make a roll when the co-founder Vitalik Butterin announced about the sale and told that ether would be available in the presale at a discounted price of 2000 Ether per Bitcoin. The presale period was set out to last for 42 days. An crypto currency which started off at 30 cents reached its highest peak in 2021 with a price value of $4,800. 38,000 Ethereum was supposedly used to trade a digital piece of art at the world’s most expensive NFT.


Market crash and its impact on Vitalik Butterin

Vitalik Butterin's comments

Picture Credits: CryptoGazette

Vitalik Butterin was one of the few billionaires who did big things in the crypto market. But as the market crashed and all the currencies saw the down trend and value drop, it was sure that the Founders, CEOs of cryptocurrency would loose out a lot of their moneys. As assumed, Vitalik Butterin faced the consequence of the market crash. In reaction for his loss he tweeted that, Eventually, you make a mistake in your beliefs, and correcting that mistake means acknowledging that a previous version of yourself contributed negative value to the world.”

Lets see his tweets below.


In the second tweet Vitalik Butterin goes on to mention about the contradictions that’s occurring in his mind between “open-mindedness” and “passion”, while supporting the block chain he was instrumental in creating.


Writer’s Report.

Crypto market crash was the worst nightmare for the people dealing in the crypto world. All kinds of people such as investors, CEOs faced the blunt of it. Vitalik Butterin who was one of the most successful creators of cryptocurrency lost most of his money in the crash and made him go the extent of tweeting that he is not a billionaire any more. As it is sad to see people like him tweeting, it is true that, many such investors, law biding forces, and CEOs are working their blood, sweat out to revive the market as soon as possible.



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