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Vivo Advert Starring Virat Kohli Removed from TV Amid Probe
Vivo's promotion activities involving Virat Kohli have also been put on hold until there is clarity on where the investigation is headed.

 It has recently been revealed that Vivo India has put a pause on their advertisements that feature Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli as they currently being investigated by the Indian government for various illegal activities.

Over the past few months, the government of India and many of its agencies have been conducting investigations on various Chinese companies. Many of them are Chinese based consumer electronics companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and Vivo.

According to official reports, Vivo India has had many financial irregularities in their official reports that were filed to the government which prompted a probe. This ended up revealing much more that has been hidden all these years. Many bank accounts of the firm in the country have since been seized and promptly frozen by the government and the company is also accused of sending over Rs. 60,000 crores worth of funds to their parent company situated in China, so that they can under report their earnings to avoid paying taxes to the Indian government.

The company has also been accused of opening a subsidiary in the country by applying for it using forged papers. It is currently situated in Jammu and Kashmir. Almost 50 various outlets of the company have since been raided and visited by the Enforcement Directorate as part of their investigations.

Due to all of this, all of the advertisements and promotional content that was put on various social media platforms that feature Virat Kohli have since been removed and will be put back after the investigations are completed and the verdict comes out.

However, people want to know how the investigation is going and will be willing to bring back those advertisement if there is more clarity as to how the case is going.

According to a source, Virat Kohli and his team also weren’t very comfortable with having a connection with Vivo during a time they are mired with big controversies. A source also said that this was done so that Virat Kohli’s image does not get tampered with and so that he can avoid criticism from the public and avoid such a controversy.

Many experts have said that this decision from Kohli and his team makes perfect sense.

As the case is going full swing, with the Chinese based company even moving the High Court of Delhi after their bank accounts were frozen, it probably is not the best time for such a revered figure like Mr. Kohli to publicly associate himself with such a company.