2024 Volkswagen ID.3 Facelift Brings Updates Both Inside And Out

Volkswagen ID.3 facelift revealed new features and higher quality interior

Volkswagen ID.3 facelift shows a slightly updated look of the ID.3. The model has been in the market for very long, and now gets new tech features along with higher-quality interior. There are both subtle updates and most important updates addressing some complaints with the ID.3. However, they won’t be released to the UK market until mid-2024.

2024 Volkswagen ID.3 Facelift Brings Updates Both Inside And Out
Image credits- Inside EVs

Despite a facelift, not all the issues with earlier version will not be solved. Not that it necessarily needed to. While VW CEO admitted ‘work needs to be done’ on the latest generation of VW infotainment, it’s not stopped the ID.3 selling around 300,000 examples since it launched in 2019. Styling changes are pretty subtle. The eagle-eyed will notice that the bonnet has been reshaped, it now features sculpted lines, and has ditched the black plastic top panel of the current model in favour of sheet metal all the way up to the base of the windscreen.

The front bumper’s been reshaped too, with new and slightly jowly ‘air curtains’ added at the edges, the current car’s diamond-shaped styling motif has gone too. As have the stickers that some models had on the C-pillar – not classy enough for the new improved ID.3. Round the back, there are new two-part rear lights, with the sections on the boot lid now illuminated rather than being mere reflectors. A couple of new alloy wheel designs and a new colour, the shifting Dark Olivine Green, complete the visual changes.

Other interior changes

Customer feedback has lead VW to explore the ‘soft-touch’ section of its plastics cupboard. You now get new door cards with soft-touch tops, as well as deeper armrests, though the infuriating double-duty window switches remain. The dashboard too has undergone a softening, with the lower section feeling far plusher than the car it replaces. And just in case you’ve forgotten what car you’re driving, the air vents are now split with a panel bearing the legend ‘ID.3’.

The interior materials are also more sustainable than before, there’s no leather of any description, and VW claims that on delivery to the customer the ID.3 is net carbon neutral. That customer feedback comes from a few sources. VW appears to have read reviews by motoring publications, but the bulk of the changes come from talking to dealers or from the ID. Driver’s Club – 15,000 owners of ID.3s, 4s and 5s who were only too happy to tell VW what they didn’t like about their cars.