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Volkswagen teases car charging robot prototype
VW has recently released a video showing the autonomous robot prototype


While most of the car manufacturers in the one-lane race of creating autonomous cars, Volkswagen has taken an innovative turn and it is some good strategy, to say the least.

They revealed that they are working on an intelligent robot that will autonomously charge electric cars.


Volkswagen is a German carmaker that was founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front. VW is most famous for its Beetle variant. Volkswagen stands for “people’s car”.


The concept was revealed by Volkwagen almost a year ago and after much anticipation, the makers finally give us a glimpse of the prototype of the autonomously working robot that will charge electric cars.


The principal working models, ready to change the universe of electric vehicles, have consistently been connected to the flow shortage of charging prototypes. Its errand – completely self-ruling charging of vehicles in limited leaving regions, as — underground vehicle leaves.


The idea of deploying this robot is to cut off the time expended in traveling to a charging booth. This robot will bring the charge to the vehicle. The other advantage is that bigger parking areas and carports don’t need to incorporate various costly charging spots.


It autonomously controls the vehicle to be accused and imparts it: from opening the charging attachment fold to associating the fitting and decoupling it.


The CEO of Volkswagen Thomas Schmall commented about the Robot and said that it is a necessity for futuristic developments. Volkswagen is creating answers to help maintain a strategic distance from exorbitant independent measures. The versatile charging robot and its adaptable snappy charging station are only two of these arrangements.


Volkswagen is looking forward to launching this flexible robot in 2021 but are still discussing if launching this robot on such a large scale is a good idea.


This innovation utilizes vehicle to-x correspondences. In a subsequent video, VW shows a driver maneuvering into a spot in a carport and utilizing an application to tell the charging robot that their vehicle needs energy refilling. The robot gets the alleged “portable energy stockpiling” unit, which is a battery on wheels, and tows it over to the vehicle and plugs it in to start charging.


The robot will at that point either head back to its headquarters and hold on to eliminate the moving battery or snatch another versatile energy stockpiling unit and join that to another vehicle. All of this is managed without the requirement for a human specialist, as indicated by Volkswagen. It’s not so much unnerving but rather more down to earth than the self-ruling metal snake Tesla flaunted in 2015.



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