Want Your Earbuds Cleaned Up From Wax Here Is A Tiny Washing Machine Which Helps You To Get Your Earbuds Cleaned Up
Want Your Earbuds Cleaned Up From Wax Here Is A Tiny Washing Machine Which Helps You To Get Your Earbuds Cleaned Up

Want Your Earbuds Cleaned Up From Wax Here Is A Tiny Washing Machine Which Helps You To Get Your Earbuds Cleaned Up
A new product has been unveiled to fix that if you're asking to take your earbuds in public because of what can get caked in them and then too disgusted to clean them in your house. Imagine a miniaturized washing machine sitting on a desk to clean earbuds rather than clothes. This is the promise of the Washer Cardlax Earbuds.

Now there is a small washing machine for those who are embarrassed to take off their earpieces in public as they may be infested with wax. If you don’t like cleaning wax of earbuds for whatever reason, you now have a commodity. It is like a small washing machine that is capable of sitting on your desk cleaning your earbuds. It is now available for crowd financing at Kickstarter. It’s called Cardlax EarBuds Washier.

A product like this indeed sounds like a bizarre name, particularly because it rhymes earwax, but it doesn’t actually. In reality, the name is a transfer from a previous device successfully sponsored by its creators: the electrical relaxation massager with credit card sizes. Both devices seem to have little in common, but for working on behalf of a user: muscle massage versus earbuds.

Cardlax EarBuds Washier – How Does It Work?

The washing machine with earbuds functions very closely to a conventional laundry, where you open the deck and see a minute brush rotating. The brush is used to clean any waste or wax on the earbuds in the deeper cracks of the earbuds.

The earbuds then go into a cleaning tube with a rotating heart until they are finished pre-wash. The small maker often contains lightweight foam in which an anti-bacterial washing agent has been absorbed.

When the lid is closed and the operation begins, the heart rotates and the earbuds are routed into the drum walls. The wax on the earbuds is purified and can look brand fresh in this process.

The EarBuds Washer opening the cover exposes a small rotating brush used to dislodge bigger pieces of soil from the earbud and to scrub out deeper crevices and penetrate places that are difficult to reach.

If the pre-wash is finished, the pins are lowered into a washing drum with a center that is made from the same light foam as make-up sponges, while 70% alcohol mist is applied. When the core turns, the earbuds massage it and the walls of the battery and remove thinner wax particles until the left side looks as fresh as the day they came out of the packaging.

Afterward (in our full experience no one makes a small laundry machine for the EarBuds Washer, however), the inner sections of the machine should be stripped and rinsed under water since all the unwanted portions that are washed up end up on the floor and are collected over time into a different ugly mess.

These makers have pledged that the cleaning operation has been gentle and would not damage earbuds, and although Apple’s earbuds have been cleaned in promotional videos, the unit works for other Bud brands such as Samsung and Bose.

The Cardalax is compatible with various earbuds including Bose, Samsung, Bose, Jaybird, Jabra, ECHO, Soundcard, Aukey, Pamu, Tribit, Tozo, Mpow, Kwrden, Superx, ENacfire, Tribit, and other big brands. The Cardalax is also compatible with a variety of earbuds.

The inner portion of your system can be removed and washed by water rinsing until you’re finished cleaning your earbuds. The makers promise you that the whole cleaning process will be very mild and will not damage your earbuds but that you should be a little worried about Cardalax.

You can even checkout the entire video showing the working of Cardlax Earbuds Washier down below:

Cardlax EarBuds Washier – Pricing

Cardlax EarBuds Washier – Pricing
Cardlax EarBuds Washier – Pricing

The Kickstarter Cardalax is currently available for $33 and is ready to begin shipment in June. The Coronavirus pandemic could perhaps slow the process, but the Cardlax EarBuds washer will be launched this month.

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