Warner records and Bose integrate for an NFT
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Warner records and Bose integrate to create a music based NFT

NFT in the music industry!

NFT’s growth is truly heartening to see, as the digital asset industry is penetrating into various industries and the industries are accepting the concept of NFT with open heart. The news about NFT making it to food industry, sports industry was doing rounds. But as we move on in the journey with NFT, it is said that NFT is also going to music industry.

As per the claims, Bose and Warner Records, a music division of Warner Bros., have teamed up to join web3.0 by developing “The Stickmen Toys,” an NFT collection for Gen Z and millennials.

“The Stickmen Toys”

The Stickmen Toys
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There are 5,000 audio visual tokens in The Stickmen Toys’ collection, according to rumors. The real-world services offered by the tokens will include tickets to live events, designer streetwear, and priority reservations for upcoming Warner Records developments.

Warner Records has chosen to adopt a free-to-mint policy in an effort to foster a community with “loyalty and trust” that benefits the project and its holders. Any secondary sales will go to the supporting artist in part.

Let’s look at the tweet below to understand more about the partnership between Warner Records and Bose.

 In the tweet, it is evident that warner records and bose are going to have an ecstatic partnership in the course of the journey. The main objective for both companies is to bridge the gap between music and NFT, as music has always been an escape for people across various age groups and NFT’s gaining popularity as every day passes by.

According to the claims made by both the companies, the users will be gifted with limited edition Bose x Stickmen Toys QuietComfort 45 headphones or SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Speakers.

How will the NFT work for something that’s not tangible. Lets find out!

According to the reports, both the companies have also joined hands with a special technological partner Kapsule. Kapsule has been entrusted with the responsibility and duty of designing and mapping collections.

Kapsule employs an algorithmic randomizer to turn audio into distinctive figures. The Stickmen Project created a 30-second music track specifically for each NFT.

Each and every character created by Kapsule is unique and personalized. Warner Records has also gone ahead to create a separate website for the same, where the users of the company have special rights and the audiovisual collection is specifically dedicated to such users.

 Writer’s analysis:

In the current situation, the digital assets market is not operating at its best, thanks to the cryptocurrency crash that occurred in May. But it is certainly pleasing to experience the growth of NFT from industry to industry. Now even though the market is crashing for digital assets, acceptance of collectibles like NFT’s across industries surely come in as a ray hope as the investors are slowly losing their interest in digital assets.