Warren Buffet
Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet auctions private lunch meeting for the last time

Warren Buffet is making the headlines yet again as he is all set to auction a private lunch meeting for the last and final time in New York. The main motive behind the auction which has quite a reputation for breaking records is to raise money for the Glide Foundation. The climax of a film is always looked upon with a lot of overwhelming exhilaration which perhaps explains why people are rather intrigued by Buffet’s auction. Read along to know more.

Warren Buffet
Warren Buffet

The What and Why

Philanthropy is indeed a noble endeavor. While some humans have the tendency to give it an ornamental undertone, the rest do it from the bottom of their hearts or so we hope. Being a billionaire doesn’t technically place any ethical responsibility on a person. However, the willingness to take up that responsibility on their own accord does speak quite a lot about the person. Warren Buffet and philanthropy are two terms that go hand-in-hand. The Berkshire Hathway CEO is known for his philanthropic deeds. And now he is preparing for the final private lunch auction in New York to raise money for the Glide Foundation.

The event which goes by the name “Power of One” is unique in its own way. The bidding will start on the 12th of June and go on till the 17th of June. The event will take place in eBay for Charity, a platform that lets the eBay community support charitable organizations. Perhaps there is still some good left in the world after all. The bidding will start at US$25,000. The winning bidder will get the opportunity to dine at Smith and Wollensky, Buffet’s favourite restaurant along with seven other guests of their preference.

The auction is the brainchild of Susie Buffet, Warren Buffet’s late wife. In the year 2000, the charity auction managed to raise a total amount of US$25,000. The auction was then moved to eBay in the year 2003 as per Buffet’s suggestion. According to Foundation, since then the auction managed to raise more than US$34 million. Glide Foundation works with the mission of addressing poverty, housing and homelessness and to ensure racial and social justice.

According to Karen Hanrahan, the CEO and President of Glide Foundation,

Warren Buffett’s friendship and generosity over the past 22 years have been invaluable in deepening Glide’s impact on the systems that drive poverty and inequity. His legacy will have a lasting positive impact on Glide and the clients we serve.