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Weekly Start-up Funding Roundup
The Indian startup ecosystem has raised around $116 million across 24 deals this week.

 This week of funding for Indian based start-ups can be seen as one to forget with one of the lowest amounts raked in as investments for start-ups in a week over the past few years. Between the 4th and 9th of July, only $116 million USD was injected into start-up companies. That total money was split between 24 various start-up companies. $275 million USD was raised by the country’s start-up company just the week before, and the final week of June ended very strongly with almost $1 billion USD being injected into various start-up companies based in the country.

However, with funding slowly drying up in the country, it seems like start-up companies are now changing up their business plan to capture the little number of potential investors and venture capital companies.

The largest funding for the week goes to Innoviti, 20 year old fintech company that was able to rake a $45 million USD investment as part of their Series D of funding.

The fintech industry seems to be on a roll as the silver medal for the week goes to Marketworlf another player in the world of fintech, that was able to secure a $10 million USD investment.

It looks like the fintech industry has dominated this week as they have taken up all three top spots for the week, with the top 3 being rounded up by LendingKart as the fintech company was able to secure a $9.4 million USD investment, in a deal that was primarily debt based.

Antwalk, an online learning platform based in Bangalore took 4th place with the round A of funding that brought in $7.4 million USD.

Acefour Accessories, a direct 2 consumer, e-commerce start-up company based in Mumbai, raised $7 million USD.

Waycool, a company making waves in the agricultural tech industry received $6.3 million USD.

The Baker’s Dozen, a Mumbai based, artisan bakery start-up company received a $5 million USD funding.

Back in the space of fintech, Ensuredit, which provides solutions for insurance intermediaries using AI, received $4.2 million USD in funding. The company’s head office is located in Gurugram, Haryana.

BuildNext, a real estate based company received $3.5 million USD as funds, while TruBoard Partners raked in $2.7 million USD in funding.

Finvu AA, a fintech start-up, and Kreedo, an edtech player received, $2.5 million USD and $2.3 million USD respectively. Many other companies received funds between $1 million USD and $2 million USD, while 3 companies did not disclose the details of their funding.