Wendy’s employee mocks customers who request ‘no salt on fries’ on $50 order

TikTok has grown to become the most ideal platform where people from different walks of life make interesting revelations. From influencers to fast-food employees, the spectrum is quite varied. For a while now, fast-food employees have been expressing their feelings on TikTok about the illusory healthy modifications to their otherwise unhealthy orders. This feat of sprinkling a pinch of health to sate the guilt of unhealthy choices has now become a major source of humor for the fast-food employees who are leaving no stone unturned in pointing out the futility of these ‘healthy’ modifications. Read along to know more.


A Pinch Of Health

The starting point of this trend was a video posted on TikTok by a user named Will (@whyareyouherebozo). He recorded the video while he was working at Wendy’s. The text overlay on his video reads, “How customers feel saying ‘no salt on the fries’ after placing a $50 Wendy’s order.” The video was uploaded back in August and it has garnered over 320,000 views. He guffaws while sharing his take about these ‘healthy’ tweaks, “Like girl, don’t even worry about that Diet Coke.”

It is not hard to figure out that Will’s video is basically calling out those customers and their last-minute modifications to orders to add an illusion of health to an otherwise unhealthy order. The basic and simple question Will puts forth through this video is whether these changes are actually helpful.

Several commenters were in agreement about the fact that these changes were completely unnecessary and futile.

“It baffles me how much people spend at these awful food places,” a comment says.

“At Chick-fil-A, people always order frosted lemonade with diet lemonade that cancels out like 70 percent of the cup that has ice cream in it,” wrote another.

Will’s advice on this is simple, “I am saying. Like at this point, take the diabetes and enjoy life.” As simple as that.

While most users were convinced about the futility of the diet tweaks, some wondered if the ‘no salt on fries’ instruction was actually diet related. Some commenters were of the opinion that they ask for no salt on fries in order to ensure that they get fresh fries, and this has nothing to do with diet or health. However, Will happily assures them by saying that adding or not adding salt to the fries does not make any significant difference to the fries. Employees preparing fresh fries for every individual order is neither practical nor practiced.