What Are the Benefits of Dual-Battery Vape Mods?

When you shop for a new vaping device, you’re going to notice that the vape mods getting most of the attention these days are often small, sleek devices with permanent built-in batteries. Everyone wants to own a vaping device that’s small, light and fashionable. At the same time, though, you’re no stranger to electronics and know instinctively that you can’t make a consumer device smaller without also reducing its battery power – and battery power is everything in vaping. Dual-battery vape mods like the SMOK Rigel may not receive the lion’s share of attention from the vaping community these days. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should go with the crowd and buy a single-battery device just because it seems like that’s what everyone else is doing.

These are some of the benefits that you can only enjoy with a dual-battery vape mod.

A Dual-Battery Vape Mod Has a Wider Power Range Than a Single-Battery Mod

When a vaping device has two battery cells instead of one, it splits the load evenly across the two batteries. That’s why dual-battery mods can often operate at power levels over 200 watts. Since the work being asked of each individual battery is cut in half compared to a single-battery mod, a dual-battery mod has double the potential power range. A single-battery mod seldom offers a power range exceeding 100 watts. While that’s plenty of power for most of the vape tanks on the market, there are some extremely powerful tanks that require more than 100 watts of power in order to operate as efficiently as they can. 

A Dual-Battery Vape Mod Offers Greater Flexibility for the Future

Before you buy any vape mod, you should consider the possibility that what you want to get out of your vaping experience may change in the future. Also, the state of the art in vape tank design may change. It’s true that you can always buy another vape mod in the future if your needs change, but vaping devices aren’t cheap, and you might prefer to buy a mod that’ll still be useful even if the technological landscape changes over the next couple of years.

Let’s suppose that, next year, a company invents a revolutionary new vape tank. Maybe the tank uses some type of new heating element that makes the flavor of your e-liquid pop like never before. Maybe it’s not susceptible to coil gunk, and its coils can last for months before they require replacement. The only catch is that the tank has a recommended power range starting at 130 watts, so it doesn’t work with single-battery mods. You might feel quite disappointed if you had to buy an entirely new vaping device just to try that tank.

Although we’re probably not going to see a vape tank that eliminates the problem of coil gunk any time soon, the state of the art in vaping technology is changing constantly. If you own a dual-battery vaping device, you can be confident that your mod will always work with any tank on the market – even those that don’t exist yet.

You’ll Love the Extra Battery Life Even if You Don’t Need the Increased Wattage Range

One of the benefits of dual-battery vape mods that people don’t always consider is the fact that, since a dual-battery mod splits the work between two batteries, those batteries only have to work half as hard as the battery in a single-battery device. Given that fact, you might greatly enjoy owning a dual-battery mod even if you don’t need the extra wattage. Having two batteries means that you’ll be able to vape twice as long between recharges.

Another benefit of splitting the load across two batteries in a vape mod is the fact that each battery only needs to generate half of the amperage needed to make the tank work. Reducing the amperage required from a battery means that the battery operates at a lower temperature and may therefore last longer before it stops holding a charge.

A Dual-Battery Vape May Last Longer Than a Mod With a Built-in Battery

Vape mods with built-in batteries are often smaller and lighter than those with removable batteries. That’s partially because they can use purpose-made lithium-polymer battery packs instead of the cylindrical lithium-ion cells that vape mods with removable batteries use. It’s also because a mod with a permanent battery doesn’t require the big battery door and heavy contact plates that a mod with removable batteries requires. Because mods with permanent batteries are usually sleeker devices, they often receive a disproportionate share of attention from the vaping community.

Manufacturers help to increase the attention that mods with built-in batteries receive because they spend a large amount of their promotional funds to draw attention to those devices.

Why would manufacturers want to generate as much hype as possible for vape mods with built-in batteries? Part of the reason might be the fact that, if you buy vaping devices with fixed batteries, you may have to buy new devices more often. After all, every lithium-ion battery eventually stops holding a charge. When that happens to a vape mod with a fixed battery, you have to discard the entire device. If you’re using a vape mod with removable batteries, on the other hand, you can replace the batteries and continue using the mod. In that sense, a dual-battery vape mod may last longer than one with a built-in battery.

Dual-Battery Vape Mods Are Usually Flagship Products

One of the most important things to know about dual-battery vape mods is that the manufacturers almost always consider dual-battery devices their flagship products. A dual-battery mod will usually feature the latest technologies that the manufacturer has developed, and new technologies will usually appear in flagship devices before they appear in lower-priced mods. You’ll enjoy that benefit even if you don’t require the extra power of a dual-battery mod. Whatever the manufacturer has developed to make vaping more satisfying, more convenient or just more enjoyable, you’ll enjoy the best of those features with a dual-battery mod.