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What are the popular job opportunities available for trained Azure experts in Chennai?

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a continually expanding range of flexible cloud services that can help your company meet your business challenges. You can create, manage, and deploy applications on your favorite platforms and frameworks in a vast global network.

Without any programming knowledge, Azure can be learned as a platform. However, you may need to write some configuration or integration script if you’d like to deploy an Azure application. 

Why are Azure trained candidates preferred generally at Chennai?

Chennai is the most beautiful place for many Software people opting to get trained in Azure. It is a metropolis with nearly 9 million people and is gradually prominent as India’s major economic region. Software development, business process outsourcing are significant industries, and the city is now one of the largest exporters of IT and IT-enabled services in India.

Prerequisites for Azure Training

The Azure certification program is intended for people who hope to join the cloud-based software industry. The following roles and subject areas are necessary for Azure training in Chennai.

  • New graduates who want to venture into the employment market.
  • Professionals with less than two years of experience working in either technical or non-technical job roles want to shift to the cloud-based field.
  • Candidates who have a basic knowledge of Operation Systems like windows OS and Linux.

What are the Tools Learned in Azure Training?

Azure is known for being a user-friendly platform. Here are a few requirements that help you learn Azure.

  • Knowledge in Microsoft: The perception with Office 365 and PowerShell helps you understand how Azure incorporates these services.
  • Programming: Knowledge of open-source frameworks such as ASP.NET, and programming languages such as SQL Server, HTML5, and JavaScript can help you get ahead if you plan to develop Azure applications.

How does Azure Help an Organization?

Azure prospers the business’s freedom to build, manage, and deploy custom web apps using the development tools and frameworks with which they are most comfortable. The benefits offered by Azure are unique and business-centered for an organization.

What are the Job Roles and Responsibilities for Azure Professionals?

Azure Administrator

The primary responsibilities are

  • Understand the basic functioning of the business
  • Know Networking system
  • Knowledge of Databases, Software, and Servers in the Cloud
  • Configure Networks, Monitor Resources requirement.
  • Understand Log Analytics, Compute, Implement & Manage Storage, Implement Security, and Protecting Identities.

Azure Developer

They are responsible for prototyping and developing software – Design, construction, change existing business-class modules, web services, data types with Microsoft technology solutions ASP.NET Web API, and Azure cloud services. 

Azure Solution Architecture

Responsibilities for this role include

  • Analyzing the technology environment
  • Analyzing enterprise specifics
  • Analyzing and documenting requirements
  • Setting the collaboration framework
  • Creating a solution prototype

Azure Consultant

The Azure Consultant helps companies to develop solutions for Microsoft Azure cloud services. The responsibilities are

  • Multi-tasked in Microsoft cloud offers
  • Identifying business processes, evaluating the use of business information, and evaluating business solutions data accuracy.
  • Determining solutions for using analytics and data models to solve business issues
  • Demonstrating technical & data management skills in the context of analytics solutions

Azure DevOps Engineer

The key responsibilities include

  • Testing, building, designing, and using tools such as Jenkins and Máven Git
  • Ensuring sustainable integration, delivery, and feedback 
  • Knowing how to select the tools and technologies which fit the business needs
  • Understanding the capacity for streamlining tests, code, and tracking implementation

Azure Security Engineer

Azure security engineer joins with the teams engaged in the cloud security management arena to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Implementing security checks and safeguards for threats, ID and access management and data, apps, and networks as part of an end-to-end infrastructure in the cloud and hybrid environments
  • Maintaining, identifying, and remediating security postures

Azure Data Scientist

Azure data scientists can play a crucial role in quickly making critical business decisions. In particular, Azure Machine Learning Service uses its know-how in data sciences and machine learning to carry out Azure workloads. The responsibilities are

  • To have exposure with bricks of Azure Data, Data Factory, components of Azure Data such as SQL Databases, Warehouse Azure SQLs, Python Programming, Bricks/ADB of Azure Data, and Pipelines of CI/CD building in Data Settings.

Azure AI (Artificial Intelligence) Engineer

Azure AI Engineer would enable the virtual server environment, business continuity processes, support management, control, and reporting. They are responsible for 

  • Determining the alignment of an individual role of an AI engineer
  • Having expertise in the understanding of concepts related to Microsoft Azure
  • Having a general awareness of computer networks
  • Earning experience with Windows 10 devices
  • Having systematic AI insight into machine learning, knowledge mining, and cognitive services aspects

Azure Cloud Engineer

The job responsibilities of an Azure Cloud Engineer are very cool in terms of a techie. Their responsibilities include

  • Handling Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines
  • Deploying Azure VMs (Window Server and Linux) in highly available situations
  • Performing configuration and disaster recovery tasks in your new environment
  • Using Powershell to deploy resources and repeatable deployments with ARM templates

Azure Data Engineer

Azure data engineer focuses on data-related tasks in Azure. The key responsibilities are

  • Have to use tools, services, and data processing from a wide range of sources
  • Should work with business partners to identify and fulfill data needs
  • Must design and implement solutions
  • Should deploy AI algorithms into the data platform
  • Have to work closely with many Product Owners and Architects developing Azure Data Platforms


Organizations worldwide are turning to cloud services (Azure) to reduce data storage costs, streamline development workflows, and enhance decision-making capabilities. Azure is now one of the market leaders offering Cloud services under IaaS and PaaS Cloud segments. Multiple Azure services for diverse business solutions are available. As per the current job market, there are numerous positions in demand for Azure.




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