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What do you need to know more about online police checks?

Technology has been developed a lot in the present day and age, as we are only a few clicks away from anything, no matter whatever we want, we can get it with the help of technology. Apart from that, under the shadow of technology, police checking has also come a long way, as now we can get the police confirmation of various tasks by sitting at our home. The biggest example of this work is Australian Federal Police, which provides national police via an online platform.

People are enjoying a plethora of benefits after the introduction of police check online because it has changed their lives. Most importantly, it helps the individuals of Australia save their time and money. For instance, we all know that in the ancient age, if we want any confirmation from police on various tasks, then we have to go to the police station and to pursue that work, we need to cover a specific distance to reach the police station, which costs some time and money.

 So, now the individuals do not have to go anywhere, all they need to fill the form of police inquiry on their official website, and the result will be provided to them in their mail within 24 hours. This is how the police check online has made the checking the easiest nut to crack for the individuals. Apart from that, there are three types of applications, which you have to fill to pursue the online police check, and the cost of the three applications differs from each other. The description of these three applications will be elaborated in the upcoming paragraphs. 

Check out the fees of online police checks services:-

  • The first and the foremost application is that you can get from the government department or from an individual, and you have to pay $42 for each national police check application. 
  • The second application is that in which the fingerprints are supplied to the Australian Federal police; in this application, you need to place your fingerprints, and once your fingerprints get attached to the application. You can then submit the application form; now, if we talk about the cost of this application form, you have to pay $99 for this application form. 
  • After that, there is an application form, which is also used to take a candidate’s fingerprints, like the one mentioned above. But there is a difference between the second form and this one, and the difference is that in the form mentioned above, the fingerprints are supplied to the Australian Federal Police. Still, in this application form, the AFP takes and processes the fingerprints on their own. The cost of this application is $139. 
  • Check out the complete guide of application:-

Talking about the application, you will get two types of options for submitting your application, such as online or manual. In the online method, you need to fill the form of application by visiting the Australian Federal Police official website; after reaching there, you will be guided by the guide to fill your form. And in the manual method, you need to download the application form of police verification, and then you have to take a print of that form and fill it with proper concentration.

 Once you fill the form, you need to post that form to the given address because it will not be accepted through the mail. This is how you can pursue the process of police check online with the help of two methods. Now, have a look at filling the form, you need to follow some steps to fill the application, and those steps are listed below. 

Have a look at the requirements which you need to meet while submitting the application form:-

  • First of all, you will get an option to fill your name in the form, so, in that option, you have to fill in all your names. For example, your nickname, your official name, or any other name by which your friends or family use to call you because this form will describe your background; that is why you have to provide the required information.
  • Apart from that, you can easily pay for this application form, as you can use Visa, American Express, or mastercard to pay for this application form because all these cards are acceptable for the police verification form. If you have decided to submit the application form through the manual method, you can pay for this application form through cheque, which must be in Australian dollars. 

Because the Australian Federal Police is located in Australia, they will not hustle to exchange the currency. Remember that you cannot use the personal or company cheques to pay for the manual method application form because they are not acceptable.

  • Along with that, you must provide 100 points with your identification documents because it is the policy of the AFP that they will only provide you the results if all the 100 points are provided with full information. You will get a checklist of 100 points on the official website of AFP. All you need to do is go there and fill the given checklist, and you will get the results after you submit the application form. 
  • Moreover, if you are one whose age is below 18, it is your foremost duty to attach the parental consent form with your application form because under 18 years old are not applicable for police on their own. Their parents have to come up with them for the police verification. 
  • Your birth date should be checked twice, which you have written in the application form, because, as it is mentioned above that this form is to describe your background, and one single mistake can ruin your whole result. That is why you need to check that the date of your birth is correctly entered.

The final verdict

At last, we are here with the closure, in which we can say that the police check online is the most useful way to get the verification of the required task. But you always need to consider the above-mentioned steps first while filling the application form for a police check; otherwise, you will not be provided with an accurate result. 



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