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What is 5G, and What are Its Features and Benefits?

Communication technology is undergoing rapid change with continuous research and development, with an increasing need to redefine the dimension of speed and boundless connectivity. With 3G launched in 2001 to boost connectivity, soon enough the horizons changed with the introduction of 4G in the year 2009. Now, individuals are eagerly waiting for further and better communication networks with a full-fledged deployment of 5G in the years ahead.

In India, there are several brands like Xiaomi, Realme, and Samsung which are already planning to switch from 4G to 5G to capture the immediate benefits of evolving communications technology and facilitate better connectivity. While getting a 5G enabled smartphone such as a Samsung phone under 15000 might be a challenge, the rate of change in technology keeps the hopes for such a handset high in the further future.

To make the most of such advancements, it is essential to know more about 5G and its benefits.

Benefits and features of 5G in communication technology

5G is a 6th-generation mobile network which is essentially wireless and is ingeniously designed to allow a virtual connection between everything and anything, including machines, devices, and objects. For a better understanding of its benefits, some of the essential features are listed below:

  • Increased speed

Wireless networks have recorded a significant increase in speed, and now with 5G, the speed limit of 4G LTE will be pushed far beyond. It is estimated to offer a speed of 10Gbps which is approximately a 100X increase over the present 4G connectivity.

It will ensure faster streaming, scaling the loading or buffering time from minutes to seconds. To capture this benefit and make it accessible to all, models even within the mid-range budget like phones under 15000 should also be shifted from 4G to 5G connectivity in the long run.

  • Low latency

Latency is a measurement of the time that is taken by a signal to travel from its source to receiver, and back again. Every wireless generation has aimed to reduce the latency, and now with the introduction of 5G, the round-trip transmission of data will be reduced to a certain millisecond. It will thus allow us to control or operate machines remotely in real time.

Also, for the gaming enthusiasts, suitable models like a 6000 mAh battery mobile phone which is 5G enabled will reduce latency significantly to offer an unprecedented high speed and eradicate lagging for a smooth gaming experience.

  • Enhanced capacity

Further, 5G also promises to deliver up to 1000x more capacity offering a potential platform for seamless IoT improvement. It will allow hundreds and thousands of devices and machines to connect seamlessly. Such an improvement is also expected to involve thousands of sensors and redefine AI mechanisms that will help smart cities, homes, schools, and other units like businesses to leap into futuristic development.

Having learnt the benefits and essential features of 5G connectivity, it is also essential that one owns such a 5G enabled device to make the most of its benefits. Nevertheless, which these devices are still highly priced, one can avail them affordably by making a purchase via the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. 

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Hence, getting your hands on a suitable 5G-enabled smartphone model may not be as difficult as initially ascertained. Proceed to check your utility requirements before purchasing a model so that you do not overspend unnecessarily.



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