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What is a modular kitchen and what is it good for?

When choosing furniture for the kitchen, the goal of every apartment owner is to save space. Even if the room is relatively large, you need to organize things so that the hostess has everything at hand. It is for this rational placement that modular kitchen sets are created. They are made of individual elements of unified dimensions, which can be conveniently arranged with each other. If desired, the items are easily rearranged – and please, the interior looks different.


If you want to Collect the kitchen models, Abby M is one of the best interior designers in hyderabad. For ready-made modules.  Every square inch is used efficiently, and when needed, you can still add, rearrange, or remove a module without compromising the design of the room. For example, you can first hang a hanging cabinet and put the table, then add other items. Likewise, you can always remove an additional locker. The appearance of the room will change, but it will remain attractive.


The main advantages of modular kitchens are that they can be installed in non-standard rooms. The owner does not have to go shopping, choosing a practical set for his “special” room. Sometimes it just can’t be found. Plus, there’s no need to overpay for made-to-order furniture, which is far from always better than the norm, but costs several times as much.


In a classic helmet is impossible to change the position of objects, and in fact many people in a few years after the installation of furniture would be desirable at least a minimum of interior renovation. If the solution is standard, you will have to purchase a complete set again. It’s the costs, the nerves, the time to watch.

The second option is simply to compose the new modules for the kitchen in a new way, order or buy the missing sections. The updated interior doesn’t overwhelm the budget, but changes are guaranteed. The money saved can be invested in something more useful. It’s profitable!


Another plus – the ability to do without a professional designer. For people who want to furnish an apartment as beautifully and functionally as possible, there are special software designers. If the furniture consists of sections, you can just go to the manufacturer’s website and create your own design project online. At the same time, you can calculate the approximate cost of new furniture.


What are the difficulties encountered by owners

Paradoxically, spacious rooms are more difficult to furnish than small ones. This is due to the standard size of the kitchen modules. If the room has niches or cornices, it is often necessary to seek professional assistance in developing a design project. Sections may simply “not fit” in the room layout.

The main types of kitchen layout

Functionality is the main requirement for any kitchen set. Furniture should be placed in such a way that, during cooking, the hostess does not have to go too far or “run” additional counters. The length of the sides of the “fridge-sink-stove” triangle should not be too long. Designers consider the optimal distance of 1.2-2.7 m There are several options for the location of furniture, which allow you to rationally plan the kitchen.


Option 1: A straight line

A linear layout is considered convenient by most apartment owners. If the room is small, it is difficult to organize the space in a different way. The objects are arranged in a line and form a straight line. This allows the owner to move from the stove to the sink, without touching the furniture and without unnecessary maneuvers.

Another argument in favor of buying an in-line helmet is the price. IKEA’s budget modular kitchen can afford almost anyone. This is a great option for placing a rectangular shape. A tube with a work surface can be placed between a plate and a sink. The hinged pedestals on top and on the floor cabinet solve the problem of storing utensils.

Option 2: Double row accommodation

If the kitchen is only for cooking, and the dining room is located in another room, you can put the furniture in two rows. This organization of space has certain advantages for homeowners, who have to spend a lot of time at the stove. In addition, you can save on finishing materials, tk. hanging cabinets, tables and cupboards cover almost the entire surface of the walls.

The disadvantages also exist. With a two-row arrangement of kitchen furniture, the dimensions and configuration of the room change. The room looks long and narrow, it is impossible to put something more, given that the space occupied by the walls and in the middle of too little space.

Option 3: Angular layout

What is angular modular furniture? These are sets in which the individual wardrobes and wardrobes are designed to occupy the space in the corners of the rooms. This arrangement allows you to more rationally place the elements of the interior and make it more practical.

Modules are located along two adjacent walls, so that part of the room remains completely free. At the same time, there is enough space for everything you need. In square kitchens, corner modular helmets are especially practical, since the owner of the apartment can arrange the sections so that one wall is occupied more than the second.

Option 4: U-shaped layout

If you have a spacious kitchen and need a lot of cabinets and pedestals, the U-shaped layout will do the best. Thanks to this arrangement, it is possible to zone the room, incorporating all the necessary equipment into the furniture. The kitchen becomes extremely functional.

The U-shaped layout of the helmet has only one drawback. For the dining table, there is only one wall, as three more will be occupied. This is an option for those who don’t have to save every inch of the area, or those who have a dining area in another room

Option 5: Island or peninsula

The modular kitchen in the shape of an island or a peninsula is suitable for large rooms. The article is arranged in such a way: along the wall cabinets and tables, and the working area or bar is placed in the center of the room or comes out in the form of a peninsula.

The downside to the island layout is obvious: the helmet takes up a lot of space, which is not always practical. But there is a serious advantage. As a rule, such furniture differs from smooth curved lines. The helmet is sleek and stylish. In addition, the rounded corners prevent accidental injury to occupants of the house.



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