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Security startup Britive raises $5.4 million

Recently, the Los Angeles based Security startup Britive raised a funding of $5.4 million. The funding round was backed by LA’s Venture fund, Upfront Ventures, and some security experts. The startup aims to rebuild security technology and make it more advanced.

The motive of the startup

Security startup Britive

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The chief executive and chief technology of the startup Artyom Poghosyan and Alex Gudanis has previously worked in access management. Now they are trying to solve the identity access problem that the ubiquitous cloud computing model presents for them.

Talking about their old startup being acquired by Optive, Poghosyan said, “When Optiv acquired us, we already saw interesting and strong signals in the technology space about the disruption that was being driven by cloud technologies.” So, with the experience that they already have, they aim to solve the current problem at hand.

About their solution

Security startup Britive

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The chief executive officer of the Security startup, Britive, said that they have build a model that won’t provide permanent access to users. But, companies can pre-authorize their model for specific tasks and roles. Based on every person’s/employee requirement, they can be given particular access by the security officer.

At present, their solution and security methods are being used by many customers. Without revealing the company’s name, Poghosyan said that they also have one of the biggest carmakers in the world under their client list. Britive charges are based on the number of people requesting access.

With increased data breaches and security issues in MNCs, adequate security measures are very important. The brilliant solution by Britive is the reason that they were able to secure good funding. So, no doubt, this startup has a bright future ahead if they keep doing what they are at present.

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