What is Melee Damage and how to deal it in Fortnite?

A new challenge has been added to the list of gamers who play Fortnite, and players are always eager to complete the new challenge of the game as it helps them to increase their XP and season tier, and players also get free rewards. This time, the game’s developers have devised a new challenge in which players must damage their opponent without the use of any weapon.

Here is everything you need to know about the game’s new challenge, as well as some tips for gamers, so that the readers of this article can complete this challenge as quickly as possible, so don’t waste time and read the sections of this article listed below.

Gamers are eager to complete the Fortnite game challenges because they receive rewards for completing the challenges and it also helps to unlock new challenges and skin outfits for their gaming player. However, completing the challenges is not as simple as it sounds because each challenge becomes harder than the previous one, or the difficulty of the challenge increases with rank and tier of the player. However, the difficulty is the driving force behind the game’s users’ engagement.

Melle Damage challenge is a new challenge updated by the game’s developers. It sounds simple, but it is not as simple as you will read here. Fortnite players are used to finding a weapon after landing on the map and then battling with enemies, but in order to achieve Melee damage, players cannot use any weapon to deal damage to the opponent, or in other words, this challenge refers to the types of damage that will be dealt when the player does not equip with any weapon.

So, if you play Fortnite and want to complete this challenge, you must switch to pickaxe mode in the game and deal damage to enemies by swinging near them. However, this method will make it more difficult to knock down the enemy; however, there is another way to complete this challenge; instead of switching to pickaxe mode, you first knock down the enemy with any weapon, and then use your pickaxe method to kill the enemy when the opponent calls for reviving.