Do you want to yield a high intraday trading margin? The old statement, “less is more,” still applies to intraday trading. Usually, it sounds good if you restrict intraday trading for some hours instead of selling and buying stocks on trading day. 

If you spend only one or two hours every day on intraday trading, it can also prove beneficial for you if you smartly work with index futures, stocks, and ETFs. 

This article will be going to tell you the right time frame for intraday trading, due to which you can make your intraday trading beneficial for you. 

The best time frame for intraday trading 

 Finding the best time frame for intraday trading is important to become a beneficial intraday trader. 

  • Under important market activity, using these hours from the best time frame helps increase intraday trading efficiency. 
  • On the other hand, those making whole-day trades get much less time for other things and do not get sufficient rewards from trading. 
  • Even if expert intraday traders start trading away from the best time frame, they will definitely lose their money.
  • So, the intraday trading best time frame is between 9:30 to 10:30 am. This time frame will ensure the success of intraday traders. 

Is it good to trade in the first 15 minutes?

The stock market has opened for one to two hours for traders for intraday trading as the best time frame. The stock market trading channels in India are mostly open from 9:15 am. So why are you not starting trading at 9:15 am? 

If you are an expert trader and start trading in the first 15 minutes will not bring much risk for you. For beginners, it is suggested to wait to start trading until 9:30 am because, in the early minutes of the stock market opening, stocks start to react to the previous night’s trading news. 

Trading at the stock market opening 

As a good trader, you must understand that volatility is not always bad. A good amount of volatility for new traders will come into the market after the occurrence of initial extreme trades. 

Hence, it can make the best time frame for intraday trading between 9:30 am to 10:30 am. Intraday trading in some first hours of stock market opening will bring many benefits as

  • The first few hours are highly volatile. It provides great opportunities for traders to make the best trades of their day.
  • The first some hours offer sufficient liquidity to open and close the market. It will give a higher volume of liquid stocks that helps to hold and sell the stock quickly.
  • The stock purchased or traded in the first hours has made the largest move of your complete trading day.


As go through the article, it is important for every trader to must know the best time frame to do intraday trading. If you invest in intraday trading with the right stocks and index futures, then only a few hours in a day are enough to spend.