iPhone 13
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What is the perfect time to buy the iPhone 13?

iPhone 13
Source: pglwrld.biz

Apple’s September event was a much-awaited one because of the new upgrades on the next generation iPhone 13 line-up from the last year’s iPhone 12 which, we can safely call one of the most popular iPhone models in the past few years. People have loved iPhone 12 for its square-shaped design coming like a blast from the past. However, the latest iPhone 13 line-up is even better with small but significant improvements over the last year’s models.

Nevertheless, if it is coming from Apple, then even its budget model can be a bit too pricy for the majority. No doubt in the fact that there is a huge demand for iPhone 13 in the market, so much so, that the global chip shortage has finally begun to impact the production of the iPhone 13, the demand is not in sync with the supply which is evidence of the fact that this new iPhone 13 is a success.

Anyhow, the iPhone 13 (256GB) currently costs USD 1,085 which is more than the average salary of Southeast Asians, estimated to be USD 1,079 per month. Is the new iPhone 13 still worthy enough for you to spend your hard-earned savings? We are here to help you out.

The perfect time to buy the new iPhone 13

According to a study conducted by iPrice Group, the iPhone 13 is due to get a price drop by USD 73 after 6 months of its official launch date. The study conducted by iPrice can determine the best time to buy the iPhone 13, should you buy it right away or you can wait for another few months to get its best value?

iPrice predicts that by March 2022 i.e., 6 months from its September launch event, you will be able to get the iPhone 13 (256GB) for USD 1,012. This means that there is a very high possibility of the iPhone 13 getting a 7 per cent price drop after 6 months. USD 73 price cut seems to be a considerable difference for someone who is on a tight budget.

However, after a year the prices will drop only slightly to USD 995, making the total difference of USD 90 from the original release price.

These predictions have been made by iPrice after spending a considerable amount of time studying the sale and price patterns of previous years iPhones.

Thus, it is highly suggested to wait 6 months after the official launch date i.e., March 2022 to buy your new iPhone 13 at USD 1,012 (estimated price) because waiting for the whole year to buy this Apple iPhone may not be the wisest option.

Let us know what colour of the iPhone 13 you like the most and when do you plan to buy it, maybe we can help you out with an expert buyer’s guide.