What on earth is happening to AirBnB prices? It's a mess!

What on earth is happening to AirBnB prices? It’s a mess!

When Airbnb was announced was to bring cheaper stay options for travellers as compared to hotel rooms. It also gave people an additional income who would host the stay of guests in their houses or apartments. But Airbnb has become what it sought to replace. A recent TikTok video by travelwithpat shows what on earth is happening to AirBnB prices, and it’s not good.

He says, “The fees don’t even make this worth it anymore. If you’re paying $328.00 a night, don’t worry, you have a cleaning fee, a service fee, plus the taxes and other fees.”

The video shows that for a 6-night booking, the cost per night is $328, the cleaning fee is $120, the service fee is $294.78, and occupancy taxes and fees are $157.64. So, instead of the total cost coming to $1,968, it jumps to $2,540, an increase of more than 25%.

Yes, there are tons of fees which elevate the entire cost of renting an apartment or house and, in turn, make hotel books affordable.

Pat then adds, “Compare this with hotel prices, and you are paying a fortune. Airbnb used to be great, but there is something that they need to change.”

If they just take out the cleaning fees, take out the service fees, and make them included with the regular price.

Finally, he adds, “Airbnb was supposed to be one of the solutions for overpriced hotel bookings. But now hotel bookings are the solution for overpriced Airbnb’s.

Watch the video here:


Hotels with resort fees are just as bad #travel #tiktoktravel

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Pat also suggested in the comments that if Airbnb could come up with a loyalty program, it could solve the problem. However, a user wrote, “Good luck, Uber just killed their loyalty program. Profitability matters.

Another problem was pointed out by the viewers; one of them wrote, “Host once left a bad review for me as I used a plate (apparently I had to wash all dishes, change bed sheets) with a $90 “cleaning fee” for 1 night!”

It makes zero sense to do the thing you are paying for. Many even complained about being given lists of chores they had to do before leaving.

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