WhatsApp May Soon Let You Holiday in Peace with Vacation Mode

Whatsapp is presumably developing three new features which include among others, linking your account to Instagram so as to improve its notifications and chat.

The other two new features that are under the process of development include Silent Mode and Vacation, according to a report.

“WhatsApp is working right now on a new feature that allows linking your account with external services. The feature appears mainly developed for WhatsApp Business, but some references were found in the normal WhatsApp app too,” said the website.

The Linked Accounts option will be placed under the profile settings. “Currently, the first supported external service is Instagram. Tapping Instagram, after inserting your credentials, your WhatsApp account will be correctly linked to your Instagram profile,” it further added.

Currently, when you archive a chat, Whatsapp automatically unarchives it whenever you receive a new message from that particular chat. But, with the help of the Vacation Mode feature, the archived chats would not get automatically unarchived if you have muted them previously.

It will be available in Whatsapp settings options and then in notifications. “The Vacation mode is also useful if you don’t want a specific chat in your Chats List: if you mute and archive it, you will never see it again, except if you view your Archived Chats,” the report said.

The silent mode feature for the Android will also allow you to hide the app badge for chats that have been muted. “Thanks to this feature, you will never see the badge when you receive a message from muted chats and groups. The feature is already enabled by default,” the report mentioned.