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WhatsApp Privacy Policy deadline opens door to a flurry of memes

Whatsapp has finally given an ultimatum. There is no middle ground anymore. It’s time for a yes or a no. We are not talking about highly sophisticated battle decisions or an answer to a heartfelt proposal. The matter in question here is the WhatsApp privacy policy which has got a deadline tailing it, and it’s today. Either you accept and enjoy WhatsApp with all its features, or you don’t. For those who are stubborn, the company will still be merciful enough to let them use the account, but it comes with a catch. There will be a bridle on the features. After all, nothing in this world comes free of cost. It is time to reflect on that thought and heave a sigh of distress.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy

These days we have a modernized way of heaving a sigh though. As somebody said, the best weapon one can use in challenging times is that of sarcasm and satire, and that’s exactly what the angry users are doing. They are channeling their frustration in the form of memes, flooding Twitter with fury over the privacy policy. Even Aristotle wouldn’t have thought about such a brilliant way of catharsis when he talked about the same.

Here are some snippets from the modernized version of catharsis that’s been trending on Twitter lately,

When it comes to stubbornness, we are the personification of the same. We are not down for an update, and that’s all that will be said about that.

Forget acceptance. We are still in denial.

The herculean task list can add another name to the lot!

Clearly, omniscience is not appreciated, whether it be Zuckerberg or the neighbor next door.

And then there are some rare souls who go with the flow. Talk about not taking life so seriously.

Sigh…What’s up with WhatsApp these days.

Apparently, there comes a time when you have to face your worst fears. Whether it be end semesters or the new privacy policy.







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