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PlayStation Studios Steam Page Is Live, Hints Upcoming Games

PlayStation Studios Steam Page Is Live, Hints Upcoming Games

PlayStation Studios

The time you’ve been waiting for is finally here, PlayStation Studios is officially on Steam, and with it is a new Steam page that has attracted a lot of attention online, a sign that it’s arriving on the platform.

At the moment, the Steam page of PlayStation Studios shows that there are 24 games listed on the home page, which is a lot, without knowing how many there are in total. Helldivers, Predator, and Hunting Grounds, along with the other titles on the curator page, contains a list of 41 articles that are listed, making it a number that players can actually see.

At the time of writing it is definitely unclear which other games PlayStation Studios might include in their listings, but it is definitely worth including them if they are to be the major launch titles for the PS5.

For now, however, Sony’s new console is the top priority, and the stock shortage in the PS5 could soon be over when production of the console ramps up. Still, the Steam page at PlayStation Studios suggests that Sony is preparing to bring more of its goodies to the PC. Now it’s finally live, complete with a list listing all the first Sony Party games – ported or confirmed so far – and their release dates.

PlayStation Studios

As we all know, there are free and paid episodes of games on Steam, and the Steam Curator page allows companies and individuals to get the spotlight for their work on the platform.

Downloadable Content (DLC) is additional content created for a previously released video game distributed by the game’s publisher over the Internet. Specifically, Blacksmith is now available for PC and PlayStation 4, and it will soon be available on the Steam Curator page for both the Xbox One and PS4.

The Steam page is already online, and fans are already eager about it. more info is yet to be released and we are up for it, seeing this I think the Xbox will also have its own Steam Curator page soon.

Of course, we know that Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to port more of its exclusive products to the PC soon. Perhaps this means that Sony will start to load some of its more popular PS4 titles onto the PC platform. Suppose the company starts with already popular real estate, then players don’t have to jump through as many hoops to play PlayStation-exclusive classics like Last of Us.




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