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WhatsApp Removes Over 19 Lakh Indian Accounts in May 2022
The most popular messaging platform in India banned over 16 lakh accounts in April this year.

WhatsApp, a subsidiary of tech giants, Meta, on the 1st of July put out their monthly report, this time for the month of May. WhatsApp and other big social media companies, under the Information Technology of the Indian law have to release a report every month which should show case comprehensive details about various things related to their users in the country.

In the report for May, it is stated that 19,10,000 accounts of WhatsApp were removed in the country.

In their public statement, they said that the report contains data on how the company reacted to various complaints and grievances, the category under which they were reported and the reason why they were banned, suspended, or removed.

The month of May saw a jump of accounts that were kicked out of the platform in the country as 18,00,000 accounts were removed just the month prior. The previous month of March saw less than 16,00,000 kicked out of the platform in India. This means that even though Meta and WhatsApp are working hard to make sure than WhatsApp is a safe and inclusive platform for everyone, the number of rules and regulations violations in the country keeps increasing by over a lakh every single month.

May also saw 528 grievance reports in the country, and out of all of them, only 24 of them were actioned on. 303 were under the appeal of ban while the remaining were categorized under other violations.

April however saw almost double than May’s grievance reports and almost 125 of them were actioned.

The tech company went on to say that not only are they actively taking action against users who violate the terms and conditions of the app, but they are also using tools and artificial intelligence to make sure that WhatsApp stays as an all inclusive platform for everyone. They went on to say that they are heavily focused on preventing the violations from taking place in the first place rather than taking action after it has been committed and for that they will need strong tools and artificial intelligence to ensure that they can succeed in it without any fail.

Even though WhatsApp and other social media platform constantly try to make the internet a safer and inclusive place, the number of violations and breaking of basic guidelines keeps on increasing every single month and the government along with the companies will have to work together to find a solution.



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