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WhatsApp to bring ‘best quality’ setting for sharing photos and videos


Source: Daily Express

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms owned by Facebook and people love to use the app for several purposes. Despite all of its controversy regarding the privacy update, the instant messaging service stands tall and is most likely irreplaceable because of its mass adoption. When everyone is using WhatsApp, there is no option but to download and use the instant messaging service to reach out to people.

We can agree on the fact that the instant messaging platform is great for texting, sending locations, audio communications through voice notes, video calling, and much more. The only thing that users totally despise on the platform is its automatic compression system while sending photos and videos on the platform. In order to keep the communication instant, WhatsApp automatically compresses the quality of photos and videos while sending them and honestly, this sucks!

Good news! According to recent reports, WhatsApp is working on a ‘best quality’ setting that will solve this problem once and for all. Users will now be able to bypass WhatsApp’s automatic compression and send their media in the highest quality possible. The ‘best quality’ option will be available in ‘auto’ and ‘data saver’ modes in the future iterations of the instant messaging service, according to Engadget.

Furthermore, the update setting is mentioned in a WhatsApp update sent to Google Play Beta Program where it is evident that this feature will first roll out on public Android devices and then later on iOS. However, there is no confirmation on when the new update will roll out as it is currently in development.

It is frustrating when you ask for photos and videos from your friends after your recent get-together or trip and they send the images on WhatsApp with the poorest picture quality ever. You don’t want those poor-quality pictures, do you? Well, no one does and it was never feasible to send media via WhatsApp until now. WhatsApp is the default instant messaging service and a feature like this would make it a lot easier for everyone to send videos and pictures without worrying about the quality.

As mentioned, the new update will first roll out on Android and it is likely that the feature will come to iOS as well. After the launch of this feature, users will be confused about whether to use iMessage or WhatsApp to send off photos and videos. What do you prefer?



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