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WhatsApp’s new feature will let you ignore chats like a pro

Have you got tired replying to unwanted texts just because they pop-up in your notification? Well, no more, Whatsapp’s new feature will let you ignore people like a pro. According to the reports, the new feature will be called the “Read Later” and will be an upgraded version of archived chats. Once this new feature rolls out it will easy for users to permanently mute chats and even new texts from the users won’t pop-up.

More about WhatsApp’s new feature

WhatsApp's new feature
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Until now the archived chats feature was a temporary solution to ignore chats. Once someone archived a chat, it wouldn’t reappear until the other person texted again. Though this worked, sometimes one might mistakingly open the chat and have to reply. While the other times, it’s just irritating for the chat to popup and needs to be archived again.

But now the “read later” feature will let you mute chats and store them in the read later section. And unless and until as user you would want to look for any new updates you won’t get any notification. This is different from the chat muting feature in which the chats still popup but there aren’t any notifications.

When will the new feature arrive?

Even though there has not been any official news regarding the arrival date, we can it to arrive soon. The beta of the feature has already been spotted on iOS but not on Android yet. Though, seeing the previous track record of Facebook we can expect it arrives both on Android and iOS at the same time. Since this feature has already been out on Facebook you can go and check for yourself how it works.

I think this is going to be one of the most used features on WhatsApp  Do you think that this new feature will come in handy to you in some way? If yes in what case, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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