A general view of Medibank in Sydney, Wednesday, August 25, 2021. Medibank Private has posted a 40 per cent jump in full-year net profit as a heightened focus on health during the COVID-19 pandemic boosted demand for its health insurance policies. (AAP Image/Bianca De Marchi) NO ARCHIVING

When Medibank Group Discovers a Cyberattack, Various Services are Shut Down as a Precaution.

One of the biggest private health insurers in Australia has acknowledged that it may have been the target of a cyberattack.

On Thursday, Medibank Group reported that “strange activity” had been found on its network the previous day.

As a result, specialised cybersecurity companies were contacted. Based on early investigations, it was determined that there was no evidence that sensitive data, including customers’ identifying information, had been hacked.

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But Medibank Group announced it has shut down a number of services out of an abundance of caution.

To lessen the risk of system or data damage, Medibank will isolate and block access to some customer-facing systems as part of its reaction to this event.

Our international student policy management and ahm systems have been taken offline as a result. These systems are likely to be offline for the most of the day.

David Koczkar, CEO of Medibank, stated that given the “current situation,” the news would be troubling.

The information of approximately 10 million Optus customers was subject to a cyberattack last month.

Before the so-called hacker rescinded a threat to divulge more information, more than 10,000 of those consumers’ personal details were exposed online.
Resolving this issue as clearly and quickly as we can is our top priority, Koczkar stated.

“We will keep taking firm action to safeguard Medibank Group clients and our employees. We understand that we have a big obligation to take care of the individuals who depend on us for their health and wellbeing and whose data we hold.

We are working around the clock to comprehend the entire scope of the incident and any potential effects it might have on our customers, employees, and the larger ecosystem.
Customers would receive regular updates, according to a statement from Medibank, whose investigation was still underway.

Australia-wide, Medibank has 3.7 million members, according to its website.