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Why Do Some Online Casinos Pay Out Winnings Faster Than Others?

As a somewhat experienced internet gambler, you are surely aware of the fact that withdrawal times can vary widely from one gambling site to another. At one operator you may have to wait for days to receive your winnings and then at another you get the cash in your pocket within minutes. Now, isn’t that strange?

So why do some operators take forever with payouts when instant withdrawal casinos also exist? Are they deliberately dragging out the process to make you cancel your cash out and play for it? Don’t they have enough money in their company account to pay you? While this may be the case at questionable gambling sites that lack a gambling license, there are usually much more reasonable explanations behind it.

New Gambling Sites Don’t Have a Lot of Players to Pay

Should it be that an online casino just recently opened its doors, it isn’t that hard to figure out why they would be able to pay their players incredibly fast if they wanted to. If they only receive a small amount of withdrawal requests per day, the person or persons responsible for processing the cash outs would never be faced with a backlog. Thus, as soon as cash out is made by a player, they can instantly process it.

This is much, much harder to achieve for a well-established gambling site that has hundreds of thousands of members with thousands of players making requests every day. It isn’t impossible though, which leads us to our next topic.

The Casino Is Using Fast Withdrawals as a Selling Point

For an operator, it’s incredibly difficult to compete in the gambling industry as there is an almost endless amount of casino sites available online. That’s why many are using different selling points to stand out from the pack. As a lot of players like to get paid fast, some casinos have decided to push fast withdrawal times.

This basically means that they have allocated more resources to hire more people and/or to optimize their internal routines than slow paying casinos have. They may for instance have people working all around the clock to make sure that withdrawals are never left unhandled for longer than a short period of time.

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Support Agents Are Able to Process Cash Outs

One way for a gambling site to improve their internal routines is giving their employees more freedom and responsibility. Many casinos (and other companies for that matter) are divided into clear departments. For instance, you have the support team that only handles customer queries and then you’ve got the payments department that only handles withdrawal requests.

This can be very inefficient. For instance, if the support team has no contacts (which happens regularly), they may not be doing anything at all, but twiddling their thumbs. And whenever they get a chat or a phone call about a withdrawal that a player wants handled, they would have to send that request over to the payments department who probably won’t look at it at once.

Some casinos are much better structured. They train their support agents to handle withdrawal requests. Thus, they have a lot more people to make sure that backlogs of cashouts aren’t building up.

We hope that we’ve shattered any suspicion that you may have had and provided a good answer to why some online casinos handle withdrawal requests faster than others. It’s not because they deliberately want to make you angry and make you lose your money.

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