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Why Hot Water Dispensers are a Kitchen Essential

If you design or upgrade your kitchen, you want to make sure that the appliances you’re getting will make your daily life more comfortable. The kitchen is one of the areas at home that gets the busiest, but if we have tasks to do, we want to spend our time in it as short as possible.

To save you space and money, you need to list down which appliances are necessary and which are the ones that you don’t need to have immediately. And speaking of which, it is time that you learn about a kitchen essential that you might not have even included in your list yet.

Do yourself and your family a favor by getting the best hot water dispenser for your kitchen. Nowadays, we have to adjust in a fast-paced world, and a hot water dispenser can help you accelerate most kitchen tasks. You might not be aware of it yet, but hot water is something that we need in a majority of our daily duties.

What is a Hot Water Dispenser?

Think about the tea you have in the morning and the baby bottles you sanitize before feeding your little one. Not to mention, using hot water can cut down your cooking time when it comes to preparing pasta, soups, and sauces. And once you’re done in the kitchen, hot water can help you get rid of stains in your cookware and even clothes.

The point is, why stick to a traditional kettle when you can get a hot water dispenser in your kitchen or office? You can get hot water straight from the faucet, so say goodbye to the need to turn on your gas stove for something as simple as hot chocolate.

You’ll find a variety of hot water dispensers in the market. Some work similar to any standalone appliance where you can just leave it on the countertop. This makes them more portable, especially if you’re putting one in an office. However, there are also hot water dispensers that are connected to your water line so that you’ll get hot water directly from the main tap.

According to Diligent Chef The latter is a better investment because you’ll get hot water immediately. The amount that you’ll get is unlimited, and some units even allow the addition of filters to prevent the accumulation of limescale if you have hard water.

Hot Water Dispenser vs Kettle

You might be wondering if it’s necessary to purchase a hot water dispenser if you already have a kettle at home. However, you need to wait for your hot water with a kettle as opposed to the on-the-go convenience of a hot water dispenser. At the same time, wouldn’t it be better to get hot water at a consistent temperature?

If you have young children, the elderly, or people with conditions like arthritis, lifting the kettle can be bothersome as well. It isn’t safe to lift and pour a container filled with hot water because the person might accidentally spill it. Besides, it’s a waste of time, effort, and electricity/gas to heat water each time you need it constantly.

Advantages of Using a Hot Water Dispenser


As we have discussed earlier, a hot water dispenser gives you hot water on the go. You don’t need to wait for the water to boil, and the temperature given is always consistent. You will get a limitless supply of boiling water on demand right from your tap.

You can also connect a water filter with your hot water dispenser to make sure your family is only getting clean water. You can even get a model that gives off both hot and cold water in one faucet. This way, you don’t need separate water dispensers because both temperatures are at the sink. Not to mention, you’re also saving space in the kitchen because of this.

Speaking of the kitchen, a hot water dispenser is also more aesthetically pleasing for any home. This is because the only visible part of the model is the sink-top spout. You can choose from different styles and finishes to match your kitchen’s theme. And because it is connected to the main tap, you can find gooseneck types that can accommodate even tall cups and containers under it.

Large Capacity

Because you’re getting hot water directly from the top, the amount that you’ll get is also limitless. For some tasks that require a large volume of boiled water, it will save you time and energy if you use a hot water dispenser.

Even a large kettle only has less than two liters of capacity. If you think about it, if the people at home or office will need hot water at the same time, they’ll need to wait for their turn. And they also need to consume more gas or electricity because the unit has cooled off.


Because you don’t need to turn on the electricity or gas every time you need hot water, you are also cutting the amount of your bills. It takes less energy to maintain the temperature of the tank compared to heating cool water. Kettles lose heat, so they’ll need more energy to heat water after some time. And because of the way hot water dispensers are designed, they are also less prone to user error. In return, you’ll save more money because you don’t have to replace the unit regularly.


Lastly, we all know the scalding risks posed by hot water. We have to be extra careful in handling it to avoid any accidental injuries. If someone at work or at home has injuries or medical conditions, it’s safer to have hot water directly from the tap.

This way, you’ll eliminate the risk of accidents while lifting and pouring a kettle or hot water container. If this advantage doesn’t convince you yet, most hot water dispensers even have safety locks so that kids can’t access hot water at the faucet.

It is also dangerous to leave a heating element on. To solve this, hot water dispensers have different safety features, such as a thermostat that shuts off automatically once it reaches your desired temperature.

And lastly, you’ll benefit from limescale reduction filters if you have hard water in your area. You no longer have to worry about limescale build-up because the unit does the filtering of the water for you.



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