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Access Management Is a Security Priority: Have You Set Your Goals Right?

It is only right that you take your identity and access management operations seriously, especially when you consider what is at stake, with issues such as security and governance top of the agenda.

Even if you have already given this matter some serious consideration and implementing some robust procedures there is always likely to be room for a number of enhancements to your protocols.

Here are some points to consider in order to help you evaluate whether you have set your goals right to reflect the fact that access management is a security priority.

  • Understanding IAM

A good starting point when you are reviewing your security measures is to understand the role that Identity and Access Management (IAM) plays in your organization.

In simple terms, IAM is a web service that enhances your ability to securely control access in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is a secure cloud services platform.

IAM is primarily about defining and managing the access privileges of each individual network user and creating a framework that allows you to define which users will be granted these defined access privileges.

It should be remembered that once each person’s digital identity and security profile has been determined that is just the start of the journey, as regular maintenance, modifications, and regular monitoring need to be carried out.

  • Create a framework

Another key priority is to create an IAM framework, basing its creation on the premise that it will be at the very heart of all of your software functions.

Your framework needs to be highly organized and govern your various integrations, processes, solutions, and tools at your disposal.

It would also be wise to create a framework that is based around simplicity of use and adaptability so that IAM aligns perfectly with your business and its needs.

  • A path to efficiency

There are two particular goals to aspire to when it comes to access management, namely a system that offers agility and efficiency in equal measure.

Although these aspirations are not complex themselves the same cannot be said of the components that form your IAM framework, so make sure you create a strategic plan and invest in the right level of training and resources that will enable your business to gain the most out of your investment in access management and data security in general.

  • Make automation a priority

Ideally, what you want is to see is your various software packages interacting in the most secure and efficient way possible with as little manual intervention or action as possible.

When it is set up in the right way you should be able to achieve a good level of IAM automation that encourages and enables that software collaboration you are looking for.

Certain aspects of IAM are not able to be automated at the present time but if you pursue that path you should be able to continue to add certain tasks to your automated processes as time goes by.

Automation should be one of your goals when it comes to access management and it would be a good idea to review where you are at with your security protocols and systems on a regular basis if you want to keep one-step ahead as your business evolves.



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