Why is a giant sculpture of Elon Musk on a goat’s body being driven around Texas?

It seems impossible to avoid Elon Musk these days, especially if you are a resident of Central Texas near Tesla and other companies led by the billionaire.

As if that wasn’t already sufficient, self-proclaimed “massive Elon fans” are carrying a giant sculpture of Musk’s face — on the body of a goat, riding on a rocket — around in Austin.

The possessors of the sculpture run a cryptocurrency firm called Elon Goat Token and say it is meant to pay tribute to Musk’s contributions to cryptocurrency. The sculpture is made to signify that Musk is the GOAT — an acronym for Greatest Of All Time — which is why the billionaire’s head is on the body of a goat.

It sits on the back of a semi-trailer and is more than 30 feet long, 20 feet tall, and Musk’s head, which is
adorned with a Dodgecoin necklace, is about 6 feet tall. The sculpture also includes features such as simulated rocket fire, smoke, lasers, and lighting.

The sculpture cost $600,000 to build. The project was funded mainly through fees on cryptocurrency transactions and funding from cryptocurrency community members, the company’s founders said.