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Wireless charging for smartphones

The convenience of wireless charging is extreme. The ease of throwing your phone on a charging pad to pick it up later and find it all charged up, kind of enhances the whole experience of using a device. Though there are a few caveats to the technology, the sheer convenience that it provides makes it a game-changer. Almost all smartphones today have some form of wireless charging, among which the most common standard is Qi.

How does Qi wireless charging work?

Qi is an open interface standard that supports inductive wireless charging within distances up to 4 cm or 1.6 inches. The charging works on the principle of inductance that allows the battery to top up using the coil present in it when it is placed on top of the coil in the charging pad.

The technology of Qi has improved significantly from the time it was released in 2010. Since then the maximum power output of the charger has been enhanced from 5 watts to a whopping 30 watts now.

What are the benefits of having Qi enabled phones?

Since the introduction of the technology in 2010, Qi has become the golden standards of wireless charging. Due to that, most smartphone companies have adapted to Qi wireless charging technology and have consistently included it in all their premium smartphones. With time the technology has improved a lot, and thus the incentive of all significant companies sticking to it has stayed strong. Some of the major benefits of having Qi enabled phones are:

1.      Since a vast array of companies provide wireless charging use Qi standards, you can find a large number of 3rd party accessories on e-commerce sites at rates that are much cheaper than official accessories.

2.      Most coffee shops and restaurants provide wireless charging solutions, and since the worldwide adopted standard is Qi, therefore only Qi enabled phones can take advantage of this facility.

3.      Since, almost all devices use Qi standard on their phones, wireless earphones and other products. So, having one charger on your desk can charge all devices that you have simultaneously.

How can you make the most out of wireless charging on your smartphones?

Having a wireless charging feature on a smartphone is incredible. But to take full advantage of this fantastic feature here are a few tips:

·       Place Qi wireless chargers all around the house, so you never put your smartphone down on the table but a charging pad every time.

·       Use a wireless charging phone mount in your car to get a quick top-up while navigating using the GPS on your device.

·       Preserve battery life by using a slow 5-watt wireless charger at your bed table. This helps to charge the phone slowly overnight and prevents overcharging.

What is the future of wireless charging in smartphones?

More often than not, wireless charging is not considered something special because of its speed being a tad slower than wired charging and because of its wide availability. But, what we must understand is that wireless charging is the future of mobile charging tech because of the sole reason that it is much more convenient than wired charging.

From using 5W wireless chargers to 30W ones, we have improved the tech of wireless charging significantly in the past decade. But the next big thing will be when we can charge our phones with it being in our pockets. Only then can we term it what is truly wireless. And if we want that to be the future, then we must adopt the tech even more and use it as much as possible.

Companies only tend to improve those specifications in their smartphones that people use more often. If we keep asking for better wireless charging solutions on our smartphones, then companies are bound to innovate.



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